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We need GH4 Hack
  • ITs not about the compression, or the bitrates, or even the curves you can achieve and have a grate perceived dynamic range. Its not about nothing of that.

    The patches Driftwood manage to make, how he handled the matrices 4x4 no 8x8 matrices...dammnit even 2x2 if its possible on h264, the difference its clear. The looks is clear.

    Please vitaliy, opening a film stock world again by hacking this Gh4 beast is something good for the masses.

    Its not about performance any more, its about better image.

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  • You mean that you have idea that you need it. Do you actually have GH4?

  • I think a 200mbps 4K (ultraHD) mode would probably be helpful, right?

  • I have to say i can't see why we'd need a hack. Yes the GH2 with Moon T7 was / is great. But the C4K 100mbps (particularly downconverter to 2k) is absolutely fantastic. Getting an organic look just needs the right glass. GH4 is streets ahead.

    Of course if a hack came along - i'd be interested to see what it could do (basically longer than 30 minute takes for us in the EU) but its so great right now it seems absurd to moan about!

  • I dont have a GH4, have tried one from a friend from a top rental house, i like a lot the image. Maybe im being too optimistic about being hacked. I dont "need it" but the possibility of playing with the proven matrices is fair.

    There is long threads about the topic and why further investigation should not be taken with GH4? Maybe it has some powerful stuff on 1080p only ;)

    To be fair what i mean you and the community have been able to influence big time on a huge company. The influence on the new firmwares on GH4 should have your ideas and stuff on it, maybe not, but im pretty shure it is a very powerful beast with a software that should hold the basics of the new 4k foundation. So to develop film stocks for such detailed image make sense.

  • I have to agree with @nobbystylus. The GH4 is constantly impressing me more and more. I haven't even thought about a hack for it. Seriously for the price, it's insane to think people want more.

  • It's insane to want less.

  • Gh3 hack springs to mind..........

  • no no no ..GH3 was shame. Gh4 is the beast to be hacked

  • We need to hack into your skills and improve that first ;-)

  • GH3 has much more need of a hack than the GH4

  • Is it a certainty that hacking the GH3 or 4 will result in a superior image?

  • it is a certainty

  • @thorn

    Of course not.

  • @endotoxic - driftwood posted early on that the GH4 in 200mbs mode was blowing away anything he'd done with a hack on the GH2. So why do you need one? The camera that needs the high-bit rate love is the GH3, and it would be great to get a progress update on how the hack for that is progressing.

  • One that people always ask is all this 30min stupid stuff :-)

  • if you want no limit that bad then its not a deal breaker is it. waiting for an elusive hack is is more of a deal breaker =P i feel this thread is quite premature

  • If all you want/need is no recording limit, it's pretty simple to order a non-EU model. Get it from Vitaliy's deals and help support the site!

  • Yes, GH3 hack is what is needed. Is it going to happen?

  • We need.

  • GH4 dont need hack (may be RAW for video), hack for GX7 and GM1 (let me dream).

  • Ill chime in to add to @mrbill and @Trumpetman. It would be great to know if we should keep waiting for a GH3 hack or not. I havent seen any definitive "yes" or "no" about if it is in progress still, just little secretive hints here and there. It doesnt matter either way, just tell us!

  • I would like to see 1080 P120 or even 720 P120, but this is something Panasonic could do now in firmware update.

    However, it was the GH2 hack that really put the bee in their bonnent so maybe we do need a hack?

  • @RRRoger, Panasonic released the new firmware 1.1 only with 'Improved the reliability of video recording performance'.

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