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Laing H3 Mini
  • Does anyone have an opinion on this one. I'm in the market for one now and as far as I know, Laing is pretty good, but I've never seen this one before. I like the iFootage wildcat, but this looks about as good and is cheaper.



    Laing H3 - small stabilizer for filmmakers

    Made only from premium materials and with great accuracy.

    Very good top stage for precise adjustment.

    Can handle small or medium cameras.

    • Cameras weight range - 1-3kg
    • Post diameters - 25mm and 20mm
    • Length - from 320mm to 460mm

    Check additional details and price.

    631 x 763 - 41K
    796 x 743 - 80K
    787 x 749 - 52K
    794 x 777 - 73K
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  • @johnnymossville

    It is good option if you want such kind of stabilizer. I added more photos and deal detail to your post.

  • Ordered, I'll do a mini review once I get it and post here for everyone to see. Thanks Vitaliy.

  • @johnnymossville I'm wondering about your experience with this stabilizer. I've been looking to get into a mini handheld stabilizer of this type for use with my GH3. I'm trying to decide between this and the ifootage wildcat.


  • @theshittywizard I got it the other day and used it with no practice on a job for a friend on Saturday. It's a beautifully built stabilizer and it can be balanced in minutes, at most.

    I highly recommend this thing. Now, I need practice actually using it because I suck at it currently. but that's not the stabilizer's fault.

    This thing is a gem. Seriously.

  • @johnnymossville Fantastic! Thanks for the fast response. What camera body/lens have you tried flying with? Think the GH3 would be ok on this thing?

  • I've used three lenses on it so far with good luck on the GH4. Panasonic x pancake zoom 14-42. canon FD 24mm, and olympus 45mm f/1.8. I also had an LED light attached on top. for these I had to take off one set of weights on the bottom of the stabilizer. I believe this will have no problem with heavier lenses.

    The quality of this thing is top notch. surprising really. it's nearly all metal and carbon fiber.

  • Will this really support 3kg or is that a bit too optimistic?

  • Will this really support 3kg or is that a bit too optimistic?

    It realistic for stabilizer. But for your hand - definitely too optimistic.

  • I just received mine a few days ago; it's solid, lightweight, and compact.

    Overall good build quality and I've found it quite easy to balance. Another plus: fine-adjustment knobs for faster balancing. Some more expensive stabilizers don't offer these, and they are very helpful to have on this unit.

    I've been able to get good results in simple scenarios with less than an hour of practice. More complex movement (going around corners, rotating the camera smoothly while walking) will take longer, and I'll have to build up some endurance for using this longer a few minutes at a time.

    I'm using a very lightweight camera to reduce the weight on my arm, but it would work with a small dslr.

  • Hello i have the chance to het a laing p04 for 84 pound (110 euro). it is a good price, though i was looking for the laing mini for weight reason. h3 is 0,6kg while p04 1,2. I use a panasonic gh3 Now i ask you..will that amount in weight change a lot in use, in term of arm strain? P04 is much cheaper but if that extraweight make it much more difficult to use beeter wait for when i can get laing h3 thanks

  • It is smaller, but slightly harder to balance (due to bottom design). Otherwise it is very good quality product.

    If you plan to use gimbal a lot and for profit best idea is to get their light vest and P-04.