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Is there software for a particular kind of frame repair?
  • I'm editing a project where, in some of the footage, the cameraperson seems to have left their auto-focus on. As a result, there are occasional moments where the footage goes slightly out of focus for a few frames. (Also, there are single-frame gaps where the cameras' *.MTS files don't quite sync up.)

    Basically speaking, I have a situation where I may want to insert frames that are generated from the surrounding frames. For example, if I have a one-frame gap between 00001.MTS and 00002.MTS, I'd like to generate that frame from the last frame of 00001 and the first frame of 00002. Or, perhaps I could find those moments when the camera goes out of focus, snip those frames out, and generate new replacement frames.

    I'm sure there's software that does this that might be affordable. It may even be in After Effects, for all I know, and I'll go check that package out. But does anyone have any knowledge of such a thing?

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  • I've used the noise reduction in after effects to blend frames together by messing around with the temporal settings iirc. You might be able to keyframe it to ramp up the blending over the split.

  • I tried doing the same to get rid of shaky frames (motion blur and distortion in frame) but it's not easy.. I spent a lot of time and wasn't happy with the end result. If you find a motion estimation software or something similar that manages it, please let me know!

  • You could maybe try morphing two good frames so as to interpolate one that's missing. That can do the trick if you keep it blurry.