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help with slo-mo technique
  • I'm shooting a music video in which I want to use a subtle slo-mo effect. The artists will be miming to a sped-up version of the song @ around 0.8 time stretch. We'll be shooting under lights in a studio.

    I've done some experiments using variable frame rate (32 fps) at 1080/25p on my AF101, but had problems with light flicker and/or motion blur. In a 50Hz country only 25 or 50 fps seem to work without any light flicker, and obviously neither is of any use.

    So instead of using VFR, I've tried shooting in 1080/50p using a relatively high shutter speed (around 250th) and slowing it down down in post, using Optical Flow in FCPX, which looks OK, but there's still some jerkiness in the faster movements. I just can't seem to find the right balance between blur, jitter or light flicker - any suggestions?

    Reading around I've seen conflicting info - some say always stick to the 180d rule, others say shoot with as high a shutter speed as possible if you're going to slow down in post (i.e. not shooting with VFR). I'm shooting the day after tomorrow, so any help much appreciated!

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  • OK, so at work, I managed to get reasonable results shooting at 1080/50p with 360d shutter, but when i got home, I realised my own 101 did not have the 1080p upgrade (is it just me who thinks it sucks to have to pay £150 to unlock a feature which is obviously already there through a simple firmware upgrade?).

    So I'm back to 1080/25p, which wasn't really working well for me. But we'll be shooting in a commercial studio, so I was just wondering, is it pretty much standard to have flicker-free lighting in these places nowadays?

    Where I work, we're still in the 1980's as far as lighting is concerned, and they flicker like a bastard, but I was just wondering if I can rule this out as an issue tomorrow, and go back to plan A, which was shooting in VFR...?