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Cartoni Alfa Tripod. Coutnerbalance is off?
  • So I picked up a Cartoni Alfa the other day, for a steal at under $150. Pretty nice tripod I thought, so might as well try it.
    But now there is an issue... The counterbalance doesn't work properly.
    Normally one would but the tripod at level and then turn on the counterbalance, thus "locking" the head in place. But the balance won't lock here! Instead it locks at an angle, about 15º pointing downwards or forwards. This is the same without a camera or with a different camera, with the whole counterbalance being "shifted"

    Does anybody know what this could be caused by and if there is something I could do to fix it?
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  • As I see it uses double spring system, so one spring looks to be defective :-)
    Return this stuff.
  • Damn! Is there anyway to fix it? Or is it too expensive?

    Anyway I'm going to speak to the guy and explain the issue...