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JVC 4k cameras with active M4/3 mounts
  • Sorry if this has already been posted, though here is some info:

    Please edit as needed, as I am on a satellite connection out at sea, and it's very slow.


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  • Man.. the GY-LSX2 is crying for an ENG Lens with servo zoom! I hope we start seeing some native M4/3 ENG lenses produced with JVC being in the M4/3 game, as well as the new BM studio cameras. :)

  • Can't see myself with a JVC cam somehow.....I have a three head cassette deck from them that is pretty good. But the fact that they would make such a cam is very cool.

  • This also gives me hope for a ENG style MFT lens

  • How can a camera with a s35 sensor use mft lenses? Are they cropping the sensor?

    And yes, I'd love to see some mft eng lenses.

  • JVC is stretching the truth a bit to call those Super 35 sensors. If you do the math they're about 25 mm diagonally, which is smaller than Super 35 and APS-C, and just 3 mm bigger than the 4/3" format. Still, it's an interesting choice to use a Micro Four Thirds mount when Micro Four Thirds lenses won't fully cover the sensor. There is an Ultra HD crop mode that matches 4/3, and 1080p crop mode that matches 2/3. To use the full sensor on these cameras, you need a larger format lens (e.g. Super 35 or APS-C) connected via an adapter.

  • Most sensors claimed to be "Super35" are stretching the truth. At some point some marketing department decided that anything falling into the APS-C spec was somehow "Super35" and it's not so. Super35 is one thing, a very specific size (24.89mm x 18.66mm) and I've yet to read the spec on a single sensor that's actually there, though Sony gets within less than a mm on width with several cameras. Width is the most relevant measurement in this case.

    Diagonal measurement isn't terribly valid regarding Super35 because its an acquisition format that invariably becomes one of several different sizes and aspect ratios for presentation. Perhaps this is how they justify the "fudge". Sensors in the 21mm - 22mm range are close to what's left of a Super35mm acquisition once masked for 1.85:1 flat widescreen release, but now you're no longer Super35.

  • 3 years ago, when we saw the 4K prototype GY-HMQ10 we submitted a survey- they knew right then everyone wanted an S35 4K chip with SSD RAW recording, not integrated lens and SD card recording...

    they ignored our advice due to additional $5K cost which would have put it at about $9995 back then

    now 3 years later, they are facing reality they screwed up royally and released the wrong camera

    maybe they'll catch up when 8K launches

  • This cam has an interesting feature which is Proxy recording--you get the original file and the proxy at the same time.

  • If it had a VariCam Sensor and only cost $2k more, I would be all over it.

    I got "Hands On" at NAB 2015 and really liked this CamCorder but it just could not cut it in the really low light I have to shoot in. Panasonic owns JVC so I imagine that at least some tech is shared.

    By the way the charts I've seen shows the LS300 Sensor as a lot bigger than MFT but barely fitting inside the mount.

  • Panasonic doesn't own JVC, according to Wikipedia.

  • You are right. Kenwood/JVC is no longer owned by Panasonic.

    JVC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia In 1953, JVC became majority-owned by the Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic released its ownership in 2007.