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FS: 2 SLR Magic Lenses + the SLR Anamorphot
  • Hi all,

    For sale:

    1) SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm T-1.6 (price: €450),

    2) SLR Magic Cine II 35mm T-1.4 (price, 390),

    3) SLR Magic 1.33x - 50 Anamorphot (price, €1200).

    Any offer close to those prices, is accepted.

    Paypal is accepted, plus the shipping cost. Shipping from France.

    Thank you, Ioannis.

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  • is the anamorphot a kit with close up diopters and taking lens? i thought the anamorphic adapter is 800 or so pre order? thanks!

  • i think around 900 euros

  • They're all separate. The Anamorphot can be used very effectively without the diopters, unlike what you could expect with an LA7200 or Century Optics or Optex adapter but they do enhance close-ups for sure.

  • Anamorphot is now SOLD! Only the lenses are available...

  • thanks for the info Sean, it was your video review that sold me on it actually. looks like Adorama is expecting stock in a few weeks. can't wait to get my hands on one.

  • Glad to help!