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The GUI for fwtool is built using standard WIN32 API.


Preview 3: Planned

Redirect the console output to the UI.

Preview 2: Planned

Add decryption.

Implement the progress bar.

Multi-threaded GUI. The decryption or encryption will work in a separate thread so that the UI won't freeze.

Build fwtool as dll.

Add Code::Blocks project files.

Preview 1: 2013-06-04

This version has a basic UI as the initial design, the only working function is decryption. The source contains Code::Blocks project settings, I will adapt it to pellesc project in next release.

Source: check VCS

Binary: fwtool_gui_bin.7z

The design

We want it to be as simple as possible. All the functions will be put in a single window. Below is the current design:

Useful Resources

For WIN32 GUI programming, check

For IDE, I prefer Code::Blocks, check

Form designer and code generator for Win32 API -

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