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Responsibility list

Note! Old information!

kenan - fwtool: decryption, encryption, unpacking, repacking, console interface

Madwyn - GUI for fwtool

アンドレアス - USB,wlan communication stuff

Diamondback - Android subsystem, custom apps

simon - Android certficates, store hijacking

Meawoppl - qeum hacking toward kernel emulation.

Falco - find and understand AutoISO methods to change the target exposure time on A-Mode

easteregg - was reversing the remote control app and the sharing process with computers and tablets. but since this api was published by sony, this was obsolete.

please add things you are working on.

Inactive members

nick - fwtool and language patches

Paul w, belatedeffort, Meltac, tetakpatak, davidb, deveron3

agentjj24 - memory maps

jwise, oct0xor can help reverse chunks of code for people on demand, but does not have time to own a chunk right now.

Hdi - E-mount protocol research, at least with SEL1855

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