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Developers Menu on Samsung Cameras

You need to make following things

  1. Create a text file as follows:
    file name: nx_dev.adj
    file content: “smart_camera” - NB no carriage return, no nothing except the string (NB excluding quotes). File length should be exactly 12 bytes.
  2. Place this file on the root of an SD card and put the card in your camera.
  3. Power on the camera. Make sure camera is on Auto.
  4. Press, in succession: down (for NX1 press on the wheel around the OK button downwards), OK, up, OK, right, press and keep pressed the exposure compensation button, press and release OK, and finally release the exposure compensation button.
  5. Now you should see the new DEV menu on the screen

Disabling 30 minutes movie limit

This setting is under SYSTEM PARAMETER, (5) DISABLE MOVIE REC LIMIT in DEV menu.

Checking shutter count

Go to “3. Adjustment Control” (press OK) and from there, to ”(6) Adjust Results” (Press OK). There you should see “Shutter Release Count:” with the number of actuations.

To close the DEV menu, just press the MENU button a few times.

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