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  • QCIF - Quarter Common Intermediate Format. A standard size for images produced by low-resolution digital cameras and video cameras. QCIF images are 176 pixels wide and 144 pixels tall (176 x 144). QCIF is smaller than CIF, QVGA, and VGA.
  • MPEG - The Moving Picture Experts Group and the Video Coding Experts Group.
  • AVC - Advanced Video Coding.
  • H264 - The latest method of encoding and decoding a video bitstream with a better compression/quality factor than earlier methods.
  • Codec - en~code~r/dec~oder (codec) A video codec is a device or software that encodes lossless video into a compressed lossy data stream ready to be decompressed by a decoder for playback of digital video. The codec employs a complex set of encoding and decoding algorithms to achieve robustness against data loss and error. There are many different codecs available.
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