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Panasonic GH3 Notes

New in GH3

  • New image sensor; ISO 125 & 25600 for imaging and up to ISO 6400 for video
  • MOV (H.264) 50 Mbps (IPB) & 72 Mbps (ALL-I); linear-PCM Audio
  • +/-5EV control of exposure compensation
  • Image profile settings (contrast, saturation, sharpness and noise reduction) on a scale of -5 to +5 (against of -2 to +2 on the GH2)
  • support for Files Exceeding 4Gb
  • Variable Movie Mode (40%-300%)
  • Time Code, Time Lapse (start time, interval, #pictures)
  • Uncompressed data stream to an external recorder via HDMI
  • φ3.5 mm MIC & Headphones
  • WiFi connectivity via Lumix Link
  • Support UHS-I memory cards
  • New battery (7.2V, 1860mAh) with CIPA Life-time of about 450 shots + support for external battery-grip

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GH3 Tips&Tricks

Random Notes

  • The Electronic (rolling) shutter is limited to maximum ISO1600 and the maximum 1 second shutter speed.
  • Quick Menu can be customized separately for each mode. C1 to C5 can have individual settings for either still-imaging or video recording.
  • How to adjust the build-in flash output relative to the metered amount. If you have “Auto Exposure Comp” set to ON in the flash menu, when you have the flash open and are in “A”,”S” or “P” mode (does not work in “M” mode), press the exposure compensation ”+-”-button on top and use the top (index finger) scroll wheel to adjust the power of the flash from -3 to +3 in 1/3 steps. In manual mode, however, the top scroll wheel doesn't change the flash output in any way, and you really do have to delve into a sub-sub-menu.
  • Top Mode Dial being set to P, A, S, or M are solely for the “still” photos. Use Creative Video Mode to select (via menus) P, A, S, and M and control the settings for video. Little red “video” button records video with all settings “auto” irrelevant of the “Photo” Mode P/A/S/M-dial.
  • AFS is single auto focus. Therefore, it does not have to refocus between each burst picture. The burst speed will be fastest in AFS and Manual focus modes. AFF is continuous auto focus but it does not predict motion. AFC is also continuous auto focus but it predicts the motion. Therefore, AFC could be slightly slower than AFF for burst shooting. However, AFC is the better choice for fast motion in a continuous line(i.e: Sports, etc).
  • To use the LCD screen for finger-touch changing focus point while monitoring via EVF set AF/AE lock to AF-ON, Shutter AF OFF, and Turn EVF ON. The LCD monitor would go blank, BUT its touch sensor would be still active for focus point adjustment.
  • Shutter AF which can be engaged and held while recording video to lock the focus (AE/AF lock doesn't work for video). For the “shutter_AF-hold-lock” set Custom Menu Setting: Shutter AF to ON.
  • A lot of people like 1080p24 with the GH3 IPB mode, which uses 50Mbps. This mode, as some believes, could provide the best looking quantization. However if you'd like things specially for online distribution, 30p and 60p are better options since 60Hz is a most common frame-rate of modern computer monitors. High frame-rate is generally better if the camera is going to be moving as it reduces judder and strobing. Faster is also better if you plan on converting to slow motion in post-processing. Note also that the ALL-I is Intra coded frame where each frame is individually compressed, may provide better options for post-processing than the IPB Bi-directional compression, which basically records the difference between frames.
  • To temporary change the language of the menu. Set drive mode dial to single frame mode. Press and hold both Disp and AF/AE Lock buttons, turn the Power on. Check language menu now. All will turn back after powering camera off. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for the GH3 cameras bought in Japan.
  • How to make the Lumix GH3 camera deliver proper, recordable 1080p over HDMI: Deactivate VIERRA Link and Set HDMI Output to AUTO.
  • The DISP button resets and returns the Touch Auto-Focus point to the center.
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