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PhotoPlus 2018

  • Oct. 25 – 10am-5pm
  • Oct. 26 – 10am-5pm
  • Oct. 27 – 10am-4pm

Main Area

Floor plan -

Exhibitors list -

Mobile app -

Note - we look for gear that interest PV audience. Lenses, cameras, camcorders, VR/360 cameras, software, storage things, tripods and similar. We are not interested in strobes, printers, paper and photo only things.

Booths plan


Meetup place 10:00 26th October

Booth: 1235

Items of interest - Their latest software (Vuze Camera App and Vuze VR Studio & LIVE) and products besides Vuze XR

Note - we covered Vuze XR, and it even got our award.

Can also make provocative questions comparing Insta360 ONE X to Vuze XR by features, especially software ones.

Just keep mouth shut about Insta prize for now.

Info links -


Booth: 1228

Items of interest - Mocha Pro 2019

Info links -

Kodak PixPro OUT OF TIME

Booth: 1225

Items of interest - Anything real new and recent, if they have some

Can pass with saying hi if nothing good and new.

Pimax Technoligy (TOP) ABSENT

Booth: 1214

Items of interest - Their 5K and 8K VR goggless

Info links -

Considering NY VR incubator area - Look for anything useful -nice software demos, nice ideas, etc.

Let me know instant if anything good at incubator area.

Here move to other area where you had been yesterday via Tokina booth

Tokina (TOP) DONE

Booth: 1055

Items of interest - Their Opera 50mm lens.

Info links - It is interesting theory that it is same lens as Pentax one

Parrot (TOP) DONE

Booth: 655

Items of interest - Parrot Anafi Drone (can do others also, separate, we don't have any covered)

Info links -


Drobo (LOW) DONE

Booth: 767

Items of interest - New storage solutions for video guys (Drobo 5N2 may be and such)

Info links -

Did not find something really new made in 2018.

StorCentric, the newly formed customer centric storage solutions company will be acquiring Drobo, the preferred storage solution for prosumer and SMB customers and Nexsan, a global leader in enterprise storage solutions. With these acquisitions, StorCentric will provide a robust portfolio of storage solutions with a broad and feature rich product line. This will enable high performance, secure, and scalable solutions for a multitude of workflows and workloads. Both brands will remain intact as independent divisions under StorCentric.

Can be reason.

All bigger brands below are nearby to each other, do them after VR stuff

Fujifilm (TOP) OUT OF TIME

Booth: 537

Items of interest - Fujifilm X-T3 and their new lenses

Especially interesting is that it is first consumer hybrid camera after NX500 featuring HEVC.

Info links -

Can also check their MF new body - Fujifilm GFX 50R


Booth: 121

Items of interest - Canon EOS R Camera and it's usage for video

Issues with crop and more are present.

Info links -


Booth: 519

Items of interest - Their new mirrorless cameras Z6 and Z7

Again - focus on video performance, similarity with Sony, can ask if sensor is same. Z6 is of much more interest for video shooters.

Info links -

* *


Booth: 401

Items of interest - Sony HXR-NX200 Camcorder

If they do not have it - ignore them.

Info links -

Panasonic OUT OF TIME

Booth: 829

Items of interest - Their FF cameras prototypes, if present

Can talk about similarity to A7III/Z6 of one camera and to A7RIII/Z7 of another

Info links -


Booth: XXX

Items of interest - YYY

Additional notes

Info links - Placeholder

Sirui DONE

Booth: 1054

Items of interest - Their new SIRUI SR Series Tripods and acessories for them

Guys make very nice products. We made video last year about their famous monopods.

Info links -

Atomos DONE

Booth: 555

Items of interest - Ninja V recorder/monitor

Atomos sometimes can be tough at interviews and busy. Be calm, assing time if required.

Info links -

Insta360 DONE

Booth: 760

Items of interest - Insta360 ONE X 360-degree 5.7K camera

Very nice camera with high resolution. But according to reviews still some features declared not work and has bugs. Ask them about competition with Vuze XR.

Info links -


Fotodiox - DONE

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