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NAB NY 2018 and AES 2018

  • Oct 17th 10am - 6pm - both NAB and AES
  • Oct 18th 10am - 6pm - both NAB and AES
  • Oct 19th 10am - 4pm - AES only

NAB Area

Floor plan -

NAB Note - we look for non broadcast gear. Small monitors (with one exception for large ones), batteries, non broadcast cameras and camcorders, lights, gimbals, video editors, consumer oriented storage solutions.


Booth - N1052

Items of interest - ColorEdge CG279X: 27” high-end monitor for video post-production, they also have special ColorNavigator 7 soft for it.

Info link -

SWIT Electronics America, Inc.

Booth - N152

Items of interest

  • CM-55C 5.5-inch FHD 4K-HDMI Monitor for Mirrorless/DSLR - detailed functions overview using some sample footage, as long as possible

Info link -


Booth - N343

Items of interest - Comica audio wireless stuff - do they have them even if do not like to push?

For us (as long term strategy :-) ) it can be useful to do even just standup and B roll only (talking yourself explaining core stuff about it).

Info link -

AES Area

Floor plan link -

AES Note - We look for audio gear/software suitable for individual and small filmmakers/wedding teams. Field recorders, DAW software, microphones (not large diaphragm studio ones), monitor speakers, wireless audio systems.


Meeting place, since 10:00 am, October 17th

Booth: 304I

Items of interest -Interviews with demos about Samplitude Pro (audio DAW) and VEGAS Pro 16 (video NLE).

Also - We will be demoing Vegas Pro at the Canon demo theater (N1339) within NAB on Wednesday and Thursday this week the 17th and 18th of October at 11:30 AM to 12 noon p.m. and he can stop by there to view the demo and meet with Bill our evangelist who will be presenting.

Info links -

Zoom North America

Booth: 839

Items of interest - Zoom H3-VR Virtual Reality Audio Recorder

less important, separate - F4/F8 recorders firmware upgrades, accessories for F8n and F1.

Info links -

additional -

iZotope, Inc

Booth: 513

Items of interest -iZotope RX7

Specific info - Oct 18, 2018 2pm – 2:30pm Eastern Time - New York

I asked them to focus on less known features (compared to one pushed in PR) that had been also updated. Ask them for more samples and go deeper.

Contact - Alexandra Morgan

Info link -


Booth - 331

Items of interest - New CU-31 and CU-32 compact condenser microphones for professional recording. While both mics share identical specs, the CU-31 features an on-axis pickup pattern and the CU-32 has a perpendicular side-firing pattern. Longtime favorites throughout the recording industry, the CU-31 and CU-32 were discontinued in the USA, but by popular demand are now back in stock.

Info link -

Bruel & Kjaer

Booth - 539

Items of interest - Their measurement microphones (to measure speakers and such) and that makes them stand above competition

Info link -


Booth - 858

Items of interest - their ambisonics microphone, focus on that changed in a year, software updates, etc

Contact - Anna Czerwoniec

Info Link -

PMC Monitors

Booth - 332

Items of interest - PMC Result6 Active Monitors

Info link -


Booth - 322

Items of interest - 8341 SAM™ Studio Monitor, talk about unique construction, make sure to also talk about their software

Info link -


Booth - 416

Items of interest - Their measurement series of microphones. They are not new, but having labs, we are interested to make interview about them and establish some contacts. Ask them to focus on difference with cheap Behringer and similar microphones. What makes their mikes stand out, calibration, low noise, reliability?

Info Link -


Booth - 233

Items of interest - Nothing much new, go to say hi and ask if he has any nice demo or such

Contact - Eric Larsen


Booth - 927

Items of interest - SPDR Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

Info Link -


Booth - 546

Items of interest - Additions to Nomad and Deva 24 recorders

Info Link - and

B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio

Booth - 446

Items of interest - Talk about theie Senal branded mikes - our reporter mike and their top lavalier mikes UTM-86-35, their mounting options are nice

Info Link -

Our mike -


Make sure to reset all settings first.

  • 1080p29,97
  • MP4
  • 20Mbit

GH4/GH5 Settings

  • Continuous AF: Off
  • Metering Mode: Center Weighted
  • Mic Level Display: On
  • Mic Level Adjust: -12dB (adjust to one that is more or less ok)
  • Direct Focus Area: On
  • Peaking: On; Detect level: Low, Display Color: Orange
  • Histogram: On
  • Zebra Pattern: Zebra 1 (use Zebra 1 or 2 depending on situation), set to
    • Zebra 1: 70% — target proper exposure for caucasian skin tones - usually this is main face exposition target for interview!
    • Zebra 2: 100% — target overexposed/clipping highlights, make sure to check it during any screen recordings, screen must not have overblown parts.
  • Constant Preview: On
  • Exposure Meter: Off
  • Video-Priority Display: On
  • Menu/Motion Picture/Page 1/Photo Style - set to Natural
  • Turn on 3:2 grid
  • Use manual WB (can check WB and colors, including matching between cameras using vectorscope on GH5).
  • If you want or forced to use auto WB, frame cameras same first, so it'll be almost no difference, and fix balance(!). WB must not change during shot.
  • Make sure that exposure is manual or locked before recording starts
  • Make sure that AF won't ruin interview after recording starts, fix it, switch to manual
  • Always use peaking and after this use focus assist (zoom) to check focus
  • Remember that interview does not require any fancy OOF, quite reverse!
  • Do not hurry, unfocused or wrongly exposed video has no use

Audio - Tascam DR-10X recorder

  • 48Khz 24bit, mono
  • Mid level setting (MIC GAIN - MID, in very loud noise area, like loud music around, can change it to LOW, but change it back after it; normally we keep it fixed at MID)
  • dual level recording (DUAL REC MODE) - ON (very important! check! I won't be able to fix clipped audio without it!)

Always use new batteries at the start of the day!

  • Do not hurry, make sure to turn audio recorder before you starting cameras, and double check that recording started (issues happen due to slightly weird method to turn recording on)
  • Switch it off also as last item
  • Do not hurry, again. Lack of audio can't be fixed!

B Roll

  • Do not try to do fancy stuff like slides, zooms and such, at least until you did all else already
  • Make sure to make at least 15 second steady video parts for each important product feature
    • If in interview they tell you about some ports on back - show closup of the ports (>=15 seconds) and so on
    • Idea is to show close all product parts and actions (can be menus or such) they told during interview, it is like 3rd camera
    • Always keep enough timing for each part, do not rush
    • Sometimes it is required to also record audi using same mikeo, if it is long demo, for example, such will be inserted in the middle of interview
  • You need to do at least two big product shots (>=15 sec), for thumbnail and for interview entry
    • Try to keep product in well lit place and with contrast background (without water bottles and dumps :-) )
  • Make steady booth shot (>=15 sec), remember - no people you talk to or even left microphone can be in this frame
  • Always make 15 seconds B roll of their their badge and another 15 seconds with product card or product name, it saves lot of time durind editing
  • Try to keep white balance and properly expose shots
  • Always try to focus before hitting record, it saves your and editor time

Interview intro and ending


  • Before starting intro, put mike into working position near mouth, look at camera and count to 4 inside. It helps me a lot later in editing.
  • We are at XXX booth talking with [First_name_only] about YYY that [has some cool feature]. [First_name_only], can you tell us [more about it]?
    • Note that it is short, does not contain exhibition name, does not contain year, your name, anything you can forget or that can be just adding length. I'll add all this in titles or it'll be clear from context.
    • Such words as “Uhh”, “Umm”, “Aaa”, “Again”, “Hello” are prohibited :-)


  • [First_name_only], thanks for showing us such wonderful product. {Look at wide camera}. Make sure to subscribe to Personal View channel to see more great videos and remember to click on little bell to get notices. See you soon!


DONE - Indipro Tools Corp

Booth - N1120

Items of interest - Just ask them on place about new things.


DONE Flanders Scientific, Inc.

Booth - N142

Items of interest - XM311K – 31” True 4K HDR Mastering Monitor, ask about unique things, HDR and make them tell for people who are beginners and underdogs.

Info link -


Booth - N707

Items of interest - Avid Media Composer 2018.9 (and all that happened within year)

Link -


Booth - N1244

Items of interest - their ALEXA LF cameras (not to new but we never made it) and famous ARRI colour science

Link -

DONE TV Logic (ST)

Booth - N700 (close to N601)

Items of interest - Any more or less new small (7” and less) monitors


Booth - N219

Items of interest - Look that they have, may be 180 VR or something like it

DONE Panasonic (ST)

Booth - N533

Items of interest - Anything nice and not for broadcast

Contact - Mitch Gross

Blackmagic Design SUPPOSELY DONE ?

Booth - N401

Items of interest - Davinci Resolve 15.1 / Fusion - did you do it 15.1?

Info link -

Note - they are frequently very busy, so best to talk and agree on time.

Western Digital SUPPOSELY DONE

Booth - N601

Items of interest - Anything nice and more consumer oriented (not for broadcast) if they will have it

IDX System Technology, Inc. SUPPOSELY DONE

Booth - N336

Items of interest - DUO-C SERIES, DUO-C198 & DUO-C98

Info link -

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