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Broadcast India Show 2019

  • Oct. 17 – 10am-6pm
  • Oct. 18 – 10am-6pm
  • Oct. 19 – 10am-6pm

Main Area

Floor plan - present inside mobile app, see below

Exhibitors list -

Exhibition site -

Appliation -

Note - we look for gear that interest PV audience. Lenses, cameras, camcorders, VR/360 cameras, software, storage things, tripods and similar. We are not interested in strobes, printers, paper and photo only things.

Booths plan

Fast list

Chinese and Japanese guys to watch

  • Lilliput, booth A122
  • iFootage F602
  • E-IMAGE A118
  • Aputure / Diety microphones E514
  • Falcon Eyes F616
  • Grass Valley India Pvt (only if they have Edius demo, most probably not!) E503
  • X-rite - new colorimeters, F611-A , note it is dealer booth, so can be noone good to interview
  • Zhiyun

Note : Try to ignore any big studio/broadcast stuff. But fresnels, good panels, some tripods, monopods, cages, microphones and stuff are good. At least try talk to all of them and say hi from PV team.

Manufacturer : Saramonic and Saramonic Microphones - Any new things

Note : Do not see their booth number in catalog, but I have booth photo in BI 2019 topic :-)

Manufacturer : Zhiyun

Note - Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-S - new gimbal,

Manufacturer : iFootage Internatinal(HK) Limited

Items of interest : Any new sliders

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