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Official GF3 hack development topic
  • I got GF3 body, so, I am making this topic.

    Right now it'll be closed. I'll open it after I get dumping results in about a week.

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  • I got the dump. Initially all looks pretty good.

    After GF2 and GH2 v1.11 support will be finished we'll move to GF3.

  • "After GF2 and GH1 v1.11 support will be finished" seems to be an excellent news ... thanks Vitaliy :)

  • Did you mean to say “and GH2 v1.11 support”?

  • Exciting news. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  • looking forward to your good news :)

  • You kind sir have made my day. i can't wait for this to come out.

  • any release date for gf3 hack? i like to know it to buy one. Thanks¡¡¡¡

  • He said he will focus on this once he finishes with the gf2 and gh2. And from what I read that should be released after the 15th , so don't expect much about gf3 until next month. Development takes time. All that aside I'm more anxious then a 10 year old before Christmas.

  • I have buy one for FPV Flying with a Quadcopter. Nice little thing!

  • Im curious how big is the hardware difference between the gf3 and the gf2 ? I know sensor is identical , but what about the imaging processor ? I read somewhere that the gf3 has a newer 3 core cpu.

  • Concerning hardware, I'm missing an accessory port for remote shutter+bulb mode a lot. Otherwise gf3 is great.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev: Is there a chance that this hack could solve the problem with non-incremental naming of video files after format?

    To make it more clear:

    Photos - When I buy new camera, shoot 100 photos, they are named P1000001.jpg-P1000100.jpg.. then clear card, shoot another 100 photos and they are correctly named P1000101.jpg-P1000200.jpg <- correct incremental naming

    Videos - When I buy new camera, shoot 10 videos, they are named 00000.mts-00009.mts... then clear card, shoot another 10 videos and they are incorrectly named 00000.mts-00009.mts... instead of 00010.mts-00019.mts, or better with timestamp :)

  • Im more interested in the differences in processing units between the two devices ( cpu , ram , etc )

  • Hi to all :) I've found this site when searching about hacked firmwares for GF. I'm planing to buy Panasonic GF (1,2,3). And i'm also interestet differences between GF1, GF2, GF2. I know that for now hacked firm. is only aviaible for GF1.

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  • @Bartek_PL the new Ptool found here can now be used to hack the GF2 as well as GH2..

    There are efforts being made to also hack the GF3 shortly.. Thanks to Vitaliy :o)

  • I believe this means Vitaliy will now be focusing on the gf3 port. Growing more anxious then ever.

  • matthere, thats good news :) thanks. I'm still looking for specs that will good for me. For now I can see that only GF1 will meet them. Why... I'm building RC helicopter for aerial photography, I always dream about it. I will need live video out and only GF1 has that connector. I'm also plan to do some short movies, thats why i'm interested in panasonic, but it will be an addition to photos. I need video out to get live out on ground station.

    Anyway, great work Vitaliy.

  • I had no idea that the GF2 would be able to produce I frame only video, any thoughts on what the GF3 might be capable of?

    Big thanks to everyone who has worked towards this :)

  • Could some one explain, will be difference in movies on hacked GF1, GF2 or GF3. Which one has the greatest potential ? Now i know that all has A/V out :) There is one thing that make me still thinking about GF1 - it has port for remote shutter.

    At the moment I have a big dilemma of choosing between GF1, 2.3. Here in Poland, all models are at a similar price. GF1 is in sets with 14-45, which apparently are slightly better and GF1 has connector for the remote trigger. However, the GF3 is the latest design and at the moment here I have it the cheapest.

    One more thing, I see that the GF1 does not have the options such as "Digital Teleconverter", it would be a problem with cheap lens with C-mount.

    Regards form Polnad :)

  • I guess GF2 or GF3. GF1 has no B-frame.

  • Vitaliy have you started working on the gf3 ?

  • Vitaliy have you started working on the gf3 ?

    Yep. but it takes time.

  • Just curious if you started because I want know what the hardware differences are between gf2 and gf3. Are we talking about different processing units ? I'm all too aware how long development takes.

  • Great to hear news of possible hope for a GF3 hack. I love my little pocket GF3. (But I could love it even more...) Donated again this week to keep the GF3 dream alive.