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Samyang 16mm t2.2 cinelens
  • All shots were done with the Samyang (Rokinon) 16MM cine lens used on a G6. Great lens, little distortion, sharp with good contrast. This lens comes to life as most do around F4-8, but can be pushed either way and still produce a nice image. If your a m4/3rds shooter, I would go for it in that mount to do away with an adapter due to the size. This lens is smooth with a follow focus, although for this vid, I shot it stock, focus was all done in hand.

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  • All shots were done using the Panasonic Lumix G-6 and Samyang (Rokinon) 16mm T2.2 Cinema lens, Shot in Brewster, and in Bourne, CapeCod, MA

  • Nice .... Want that lens asap ;-)

  • @maranfilms wow dude, you've got some really nice shots there.
    Not so fund of the soundtrack though, this pseudo ethnic epicness trend it's getting tiring.

    As for the 16mm, how do you like it?

  • Thanks Maxr, I appreciate you watching. I hear you about the music, I love James Newton Howard though, He's one of my favs:)

    I really like the Samyang 16mm, it just feels right on the m4/3rds sensor with that 2x crop. It's pretty big on the G6 with an adapter, if I had to do over, I would get it in the m4/3rds mount as opposed to Canon. I was thinking it would do well on the c100 or c300, but with the gh4 coming, I feel confident it will be the last camera I buy for a while. I find compared to the 14mm, it's far superior, sharpness and contrast are both great. I would def pick up a copy, it's pretty affordable.

  • @maranfilms

    One lens, one topic :-)

  • Understood :-)

  • @maranfilms I see, nice!

    Wide angle is my weak spot right now... I'm considering a few options (not mentioning for Vitaliy's sake :P) - would have yet to do some field tests and handling check - but I feel a bright prime around 20-24mm will suit my style LSD chicken rum and gum. This 16mm T2.2 + speedbooster for around 23mm T1.6 equiv. is a very interesting (and pricey) option. Anyway not in a hurry... future investment, insh'Allah. Thanks for your take at it and regarding James, it's not the music I'm not fund of, it's how it's being abused/fashioned all over +)

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