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Noob Wireless Flash Question
  • I own a GH2 and use the DMW-360 flash with it and was thinking of buying a GX7 and the new updated DMW-360L wireless flash to go with it. I was kinda hoping that wireless flash meant that the DMW-360L would fire when I just press the shutter button on the GX7 with nothing else needed. However, I think, if I'm understanding it right, that the pop-up flash on the GX7 needs to flash in order to trigger the wireless flash. Is that correct? I'm sorta hoping that it isn't as I'd like to have just the DMW-360L fire wirelessly and nothing else at all. Does the flash on the GX7 have to flash too? Is that how all wireless flash units work, where one triggers the other, or is there one that fires remotely with just a shutter press. Thanks.