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What My GH2 Dreams Of
  • A look like this, straight from the camera (CineBOOSTER):

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  • @producer This might be possible with GH2. I could be totally off here, but maybe the combination of Flowmotion hack setting, with camera film mode set to Standard (saturation at 1 maybe), with Rokinon lenses might give you this look. can just buy the camera they used. Good luck!

  • ..maybe +3 ! Actually panasonic would be up the curve if they developed a picture styles editor.

  • @kurth:

    Yes, definitely! That's why I share my idea since 2 years ago, but it meets with resistance here. ( ).

  • @producer I'm sure you're probably on top of this, but have you followed the driftwod hack settings such as Boom, Intravenus v1, and Intravenus v2? I only mention as those were the settings I like best and to me they have a particular look/style. Intravenus v2 is my favorite and often needs no or very little correction/grading. Hope this is helpful.

    @kurth Lol re maybe. Agreed - it takes some tinkering and trial and error to find and get "that look" we're after.

  • @matt_gh2: Yes, I've tried many of the hacks, but I see no much remarkable differences at all. Ok, except in the details in few. Sorry, I don't use oscillator test equipment or such a software to make me convinced about something not visible with the normal (even professional) eyes. The picture is always the same in all the hacks with no exception! This unique sharpness that makes the picture of GH2 so "thin" without any depth and density is still the same. It's a matter of the sensor actually, but the hacks for Canon DSLRs just kick out with many visible improvements. Drastic improvements!

  • @producer Thats RAW for you.

  • @producer I guess you're already on top of this angle too, but have you tried old vintage glass shooting manual, or have you used Panasonic lenses...which tend to add sharpening? You're probably better switching over to Canon if those cameras have the look you want. I think there's now a mosaic filter for 7D to deal with moire. So maybe that's a good camera option that's reasonably priced too.

  • 7D is a great camera for action/sports stills as well.

  • If canon would put out a decent mirrorless, I'd buy it in second for magic lantern and picture styles editor, even with the aliasing ! And a better internal codec that would allow drastic changes in color correction.

  • The colors in those vids looks pretty funky. Like something you could achieve with a weird white balance and the saturation turned up.