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GH1 pulldown removal Cineform, Neoscene, GoPro not working anymore...
  • I pulled out my old GH1 for a multicam shoot and tried to import a MTS file into the GoPro program, and it didn't work. Then I tried Neoscene as it is still installed on my computer. While I was able to put the file in que Neoscene failed with an error message. I'll post the text later when I get to my desktop. I suppose I could install Blackwells 24p patch, but that won't help me with existing footage. Also, I still use my HV30 from time to time.

    Anyone run into this or have an alternative on a PC?

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  • voltaichd...or toast 9 + jes workflow in mac - voltaichd also has a windows version

  • Seems voltaichd is discontinued and it's not really what I'm looking for anyway. I need pull down removal and a 4:2:2 intermediary file for editing.