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Writing article for IOV magazine and need some advice.
  • Hi all, I'm a GH2 user that is still using an unhacked camera. I've been asked to write an article for the next edition of the Institute Of Videography magazine and I'd like to focus on my experience of the GH2 along with the updates promised with the GH4. The article is for people considering moving into DSLR from HDV cameras. I obviously need to highlight the hacks and have done some research, but could really use a chat with someone who knows what they are talking about... If you've got experience of hacks and are willing to take a newbie through the basics over the phone I'd be extremely grateful, and obviously give you a big credit. (I've noticed some fairly harsh treatment of GH2 newbies looking for advice, so please understand I'm a self shooting producer not a technician or engineer, and be kind!)
    If you're interested in helping me out please PM me with a number and I'll call you back .... FYI I'm based in the UK. thanks in advance.