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Is the Driftwood Cluster 3 Series DREWNET T9 GH2 hack the best for UAV / aerial film?
  • Hi folks, I would like to know please if the Driftwood Drewnet T9 hack is the best for the GH2 for filming aerial UAV footage? From looking at the excellent feedback from Drewnet, I believe T9 may be one of the best ... Is it reliable? Will it be good for aerial filming of motocross?
    I have a standard 14 - 42mm lens. I have a SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s mbps card - will this suffice or do I need to buy another 64GB card (also 95MB/s mbps)? Or is the Drewnet T9 hack more than 95mbps?
    Sorry if this is already covered but I have looked for a few hours in this site. This site is a fantastic resource! Big thanks to all who contribute.
    Many thanks for any responses, Swoopy (in UK)