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Battery Error msg is actually from camera impact!
  • I dropped my GH2 and got a "this battery cannot be used" message (on both good BLC-12 batteries), and then ordered a new battery to confirm it was not a power issue, so now I am in a quandry as to how to proceed; is it worth attempting repairing at this point, should I upgrade to the GH4 since I do as much photo's as video and it is the 'latest greatest', should I look at another camera like a Fuji, Sony, BMCC, etc. now?

    I have a couple Nikon lenses (50mm f1.2, 70-300 f.4 and Metabones Speedbooster N m43) and an Oly Pen F 25mm with m43 adapter as well as the kit Panny lens, nothing I couldn't sell or transition with.

    Portability, quality, and ease of use are primary considerations for photo HDR brackets for panoramic's mostly, shooting a video of an interview with a WWII vet w natural lighting, but nothing professionally, $1000 to $2000 range. If camera isn't worth fixing, is it worth anything?

    Any recommendations?

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  • Probably worth checking the contacts inside the camera battery slot, possibly one of the connections were damaged in the drop.

  • I cleaned the contacts, they appear normal

  • As you dropped camera battery can slightly bent contacts so they no longer press enough now.

  • The drop may have caused sosomething to jiggle out of place...creating a kinda "loose connection". This is common in old TV's that would occasionally require you to smack them hard on the top of the tv. So in the case of camera, it's best to drop it again a few times. This should cause the loose connection to reconnect. Just like the old TV's, the camera may require another "smack", so if needed, drop it again to get it working whenever it won't work. (PLEASE NOTE: The above information is for entertainment purposes only! - Do not drop or smack your camera.)

  • ok, so I skillfully use exacto to jostle each of the four battery contact points which are standing erect and uniform, then as per matt_gh2 suggestion I treat old GH2 as cheap prostitute and slap it around a bit (at this point I-like hooker's customer-have nothing to lose), but still no love :(

    Perhaps all of the inexplicable "this battery cannot be used" error messages that nobody could solve in the past actually came from an internal electronic issue after suffering a concussion and not a direct power issue?

    (Either way, none of the very opinionated followers of PV have addressed any of my queries)

  • @tycho

    It can be, but if you check internals battery contacts are directly attached to main board. No wires or such from it.

    If nothing helps, I suggest to disassembly camera and check all contacts.

  • I prefer physical dissection and analysis, is there a resource to reference or just careful deconstruction and observation?

  • @tycho

    It is not hard to find service manual.

  • I finally sent my camera in for estimate at United Camera Repair, they said the main board needed to be replaced and the top plate, total $450.

    Now, back to my original question- where do I go from here?

  • either fork the money out, get it repaired or do it yourself or buy another used gh2

  • @MRfanny - pretty blunt statement, what are the benefits to sticking with the GH2 rather than the GH4? Anybody else think I should put $450 into a two year old m43 format camera that is selling on Ebay for $550 right now? I took as many photos with my GH2 as I did video and the quality wasn't great. The A7 full frame format would open my fov for HDR pano's, and the GH4 seems like a whole different camera, what about a used GH3?

    (The main point that is missed here is that a lot of folks received new GH2's with a "this battery cannot be used" error message that was likely attributed to impact damage and not a battery/contact issue.)

  • my mistake, didn't fully read your OP. for me in regards to the gh3,its ok for photos, an improvement over the gh2 yes but in general it still fairs ok for photos but it is what it is. I would personally move on from the gh2. If it were my choice i would jump straight to the gh4 or A7s. the gh3 although i love it still feel it was a rushed cam. If i my needs weighed more on the photo side I'd probably lean towards the A7s. I am looking forward to seeing how well frame grabs will be for stills from 4k footage.

    No answer to your battery conundrum though.

  • got my camera back and now something is rattling inside, maybe a connection that wasn't put back together. United Camera stated that the main board needed to be replaced and there was 'top plate' damage but it landed flat on the lens, six inches from my face. I might try to salvage the camera, look for another board and do it myself.