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Got to shoot with a Red One and Epic today for the first time... Let me pull my jaw off the floor.
  • I have seen footage from the Red camera before and seen photos and videos of them in use but never have gotten a chance to see or hold one up close. Today that all changed when I got a chance to shoot a TV pilot with the Red One and Red Epic cameras. HOLY CRAP are these things workhorses. The Red One was legendary when it came out but to see the differences between that and the Epic was unbelievable. Everything is where you want it, everything is so intuitive and the picture. Oh my god the picture that comes out of these things is just unmatchable. I had the time of my life shooting today and just wanted to share to see if anyone else has had the same experience!

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  • I haven't shot with Epic but have with R1. "Workhorse" is an apt description too, as in heavy as a farm animal, the thing weighed a ton! Not ideal for shoulder mount unless you're an Olympic class power lifter. Obviously, the heft problem was solved with the little Epic.

  • i have use it recently, and have good slow motion, and good DR. I preffer Arri since its image is smoother and more natural. Arri is heavier, the operator on both cameras needs assistat if is stupid, if not then 2 men can do all. And yes they are work horses.

    here my last 3 works with the epic for KIA

    (audio is shit)

    good cameras, good lenses.