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Apologies in advance for this GH2 ISO question
  • Sorry guys for this ISO question - have a shoot tomorrow with a GH2 and forgot the rule about what ISO setting you should be on when you turn your camera off, in order to avoid the ISO bug when you turn camera on next. Anybody remember correct ISO to leave camera at when you turn it off? (Searched ISO bug topic but couldn't find).

    Thanks and apologies for bringing up this old ISO demon topic!

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  • I thought it was the top row that caused the bug (160, 320, 640, etc.) So I always try and leave the cam on the middle row (200, 400, etc.) when shutting down. So as long as you're switching to the top row ISO's from the higher ISO just beneath it, this should take care of the issue.

  • @filthy Thought that was it - I left it on ISO 1600 before turning off. Thanks

  • @CFreak That linked topic has the answer - thank you. I will be leaving it on 1600 as I turn off camera now.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev Please close topic, and feel free to delete this thread as answer is found in other topic. Sorry for duplication.

  • @matt_gh2 And - keep in mind that - the higher ISO the lower dynamic range.

  • haarec, you only lose dynamic range above ISO 2000 or so.

  • @balazer Would be good.

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  • Haarec, that DXO analysis of dynamic range is for raw photos. It's completely different for video.

  • Correct for DXO, but this could not be different since the image comes out of the same sensor. It is a matter of sensor capabilities.