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Shortfilm Andromeda (shot on GH3)
  • Hello! I posted this film 2 months ago. But after a few hours I had to make te film private (for soms festival). This time it stays online.

    So I filmed this shortmovie with a GH3, lumix 12-35mm f2.8 and nokton 25mm f0.95 lenses. All settings -2

    Can you guys please tell me what you think?

    Thank you

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  • Wow Lovely acting and film

  • Thanks vpetero :)

  • Overall, I thought it was pretty good. I'll offer a few crits, though... mainly things that just really stood out, and I think could be easily corrected in future shorts (you will be doing more, yes?)

    • The office scenes had nice lighting and framing. Good acting, too. But the camera movement - ever so slight (handheld) was just distracting in a negative way. It wasn't moving enough to look documentary-style, and not still enough to look like a framed shot. It reminded me of the office scenes from Reservoir Dogs (good thing), but as such - i think a tripod would have really made those scenes better.

    • The "Sword Fight on the Alien Planet" scene... that just didn't work for me at all. The rest of the film had a good real-world realistic look, which this fight scene just looked fake and out of place. I could see right though people's shirts at times (key spill I'm guessing). The lighting was overly flat on the characters, and at times far too contrasted. The environment itself - that pink/purple ground they were "standing" on - it has a very odd/wrong scale in the ground texture. It was if the bump mapping was just too large, and too defined. I think that whole scene would have worked better if you'd just shot it on an empty street or alley.

    • The scene in Sara's bedroom, when Andro kills the young assassin: there was a odd flow somehow with the older Umbra. IE - Andro's in the room, and kills the younger guy. Talks to Sara. Turns his back. Turns back around, and suddenly (out of thin air, it seemed), there's this old guy in the room. Although it is shown (learned at the end) that this is all a dream, at this point in the film it wasn't shot/edited in such a way to clue the viewer "something isn't quite right here". It just looked like "errrr where the heck did that guy come from".

    • Really didn't like the mohawk on Andro. Seems a minor thing to point out, but at times I was just staring at his weird haircut instead of watching the whole scene unfold.

    • Opening Titles: This went waaaay longer than it should have. Far too much backstory. Especially given the fact that probably over half of that title/backstory was explained within the film itself.

    • Translation issue: The word "umbra" may mean something else in the native language. It didn't work in translation.

    Hope that doesn't sound all terribly negative, because in total I thought it was a nicely done short.

  • Hey thorn, thank you very very much for your crits. I really appreciate that.

    I have to say, I made this short 6 month's ago. And if I see it now, also I have a lot of critic.

    Your first point: Well, i used a tripod :). The movement was done in post. Maybe bad choice yeah :(

    Second point: The guy who was going to help me with the greenkey, cancelt a few days for my deadline. So I had to do everything myself. I never did anything with greenkey. Afer all, i though it could fit in the film. Because it gave me a Animé feel. But however, you are right that it feels fake

    3th: Wel, every assassin has an umbra who shadows him. Umbra=shadow and I was thinking in a surrealistic way: these guys can hide everywhere. And yes I know, this didn't really worked that way. Because some things of the film where realistic, somethings surrealistic. I had a lot of plans I couln't do but I triend, and they didn't work all te time. My plan was to make some animé style shortmovie.

    4th: yeah, my teacher said the same :).

    5th: True. First I had a version without them. But nobody was understanding the story. You are right, I had to make it shorter

    6th: Ow, I didn't know that, thank you!!

    Thank you Thorn, to take your time for helping somebody.


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