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Music performance shot on GH2vk with cbrandin's 66M settings, 24p
  • Here's a short video I just shot with my GH2vk using cbrandin's 66M settings:

    I know this is far from a raw MTS file... I had to compress it to 90mb to make the file fast and easy to upload (the promotional nature of the video didn't leave me with much time - I needed to get this out the door ASAP). But, to me, this video shows how nicely the visual quality holds up.

    Canon FD 50mm 1.4, set on f1.4, just a regular house lamp for light (with my V96 LED pointed at the back wall with a purple gel over it, to give you something to look at). 24p, highest quality settings on the cam.
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  • Nice music. I prefer the old Oly 50mm / 55mm 1.2 lenses over my Canon FD 55mm 1.2 SSC Aspherical which is a widely regarded lens. The FDs are just a tad soft for me - even stopped down to 1.4.
  • Thanks Sam, nice to see you around here. Wish I would have saw your mic reviews before I actually bought one :-)
  • Thanks everybody!

    This is actually the fist thing I shot with my new cieco7 micro four thirds adapter and the 50mm 1.4 FD lens. I noticed the softness, but I recall reading that it gets a little sharper when you stop it down a little. I didn't bother doing that last night because I only had a short period of time to finish the video and get it uploaded to Vimeo. I somehow managed to do the entire thing and get four hours of sleep.

    It was also the first time I did a project with a hacked camera. It was a trip! My cards filled up a lot faster, and when they would run out of memory the camera couldn't play back the clips. They all loaded into FCP without issues, however. It was a little scary using a Frankensteined camera with someone else's brain inside of it, but I think it looks awesome. I am now 100% hooked on this hack! It's a wonderful thing.

    PS... I just noticed that the video player isn't showing up on my iPad. If you're having trouble seeing the screen, try this link:
  • Oh man... there is a phase issue with this recording when it's summed to mono. When I listen to it on my MacBook Pro through its built-in speaker, the vocal totally overpowers the mix. If you let it play and open System Preferences, adjust the pan control a little to either the left or right, and the mix starts to sound much better.


    Anyhow, I'm pulling this off the web tonight after the show. It was only meant to be a little promo for the show.

    Humbly yours,
    Sam "audio expert" Mallery
  • @Sam_Mallery Well played.

    I heard MBP has fantastic sound recording. Feed sound directly into MBP and do dual system recording. Then use headphones to hear live mixed sound :)
  • Yeah, the consumer line-level input on Mac computers is generally pretty darn good. I used to think it was lame that Macs didn't have mini-plug mic inputs, but now I feel the opposite.

    Anyhow. I had a good time at the show last night. Here a link to a recording of it if anyone is interested:

    I recorded it on a Zoom H4n, using the built-in mics. It sounds okay. The PA in the club wasn't so great sounding, so a recorder can only do so much.