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Looking for the best hacks for shooting live video.
  • Good evening everyone. I have had my GH2s for over a year, and have only dabbled with hacks because I am nervous to use them in a live shoot incase something goes wrong, I could loose out on having footage. I typically shoot live Rock bands. This year I will be filming 3 Cruises in April. (Monsters of Rock cruise, Moody Blues Cruise, and Cruise to the edge) I have 3 GH2 cameras (2 I bought new, and 1 I just purchased used) I would like to try one of the hacks that would be best for my type of shoots. Think Concert stage, can be inside with concert lighting and outside poolside or on the beach. I will also be doing a lot of meet and greets and interview stuff. The end result for everything I am shooting is for a DVD / Bluray disk for the People to buy (It will be a few months after the cruise) I have a few different lens, the 14-140 HD Panasonic lens looks the best over all. I did just purchase the 45-175 HD Power lens, I have only gotten to play with it a little, I got it to be more like a video camera with w/t toggle. SO far not to impressed. I also have a Large Canon lens that is modified to work with the camera. It is pretty good but I still need some time with it to use it better. (Canon BCTV lens with Powered w/t) I realize that I could record at much faster data rates that would make it look better but that would cut down on how much I could record. So I would like to keep my record times to allow for a 2 hour show. I already have about 8 of the San Disk Extreme 45MB/s and I have a few 40 and 30 cards as well. I would prefer not to buy anymore at this point. Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. Dave "Ravage" Stabley

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  • 24H, HBR 30p or 25P?

  • I would like to mix it up a little bit. I do like the live videos to be at 24fps. and the interviews at 30. I wouldn't mind experimenting with those 2 formats alittle before hand.

  • Only original firmware is stable in HBR 30p with Panny lenses. Flowmotion for 24p (24L for slow cards). However, if you have external sound recording for interviews, use 80% Slow-Motion Mode (No Sound) and any stable hack like Flowmotion.

  • Thank Alex I used the 24 FPS on the camera last year and it worked out ok I even did a frankenstien style video for the band queensryche out of it. and it came out ok with that I had available. I think it will be better this year.