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    • 12 megapixel backlit 1/1.7" sensor
    • 10.7x optical zoom lens, f/2.8, 28-300mm equivalent
    • 5-axis image stabilisation
    • 3.5inch tilting screen
    • FullHD Video with stereo sound
    • Manual controls
    • Adobe DNG raw shooting
    • Control ring around lens
    • Electronic level
    • 30fps continuous shooting
    • 6fps continuous AF shooting
    • Wi-Fi built in
    • Time-lapse
    • 1000fps high speed video (reduced resolution)
    671 x 385 - 46K
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  • On paper very nice specs for such a convenient size.

  • I loved my little Casio with awesome slo-mo a few years back. It broke, but had some great times with it. Hope this is even better?

  • 1/1.7" + constant f2.8 28-300mm (jeZus!!!) + raw + 921k dots display + Full HD video + ring • this should be a little beast :-)
    Best compact camera I ever had was a tiny inexpensive Casio. Noise detail ratio was just perfect and truly organic looking.
    Unfortunately a friend borrowed and lost it, hey but what are friends for?! Cannot even recall name

  • I had an EX-F1 for years. Just sold in last March (for same price I bought it for!) after making tons of awesome slow motion videos. I've been waiting for a replacement and so far there is none.

  • Nice camera. Too bad video will probably only be 30fps, instead of also 24 and 25fps. Not that it matters to most consumers.