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90% of my audience enjoys my clips at 360p. I need to get the most of it. Any tips?
  • Im currently releasing my work on youtube and I live in Vietnam. Here internet tops at 4mbps, that means that the 1080p option is only usable if you are going to download it or for the richer people. But when it comes to the general public, the 360p option is what most people is using. So I need my videos to look the best I can get them to look in that option. I I found out after a few tries that uploading files at the same bitrate as the camera which is around 70mbps (shooting on a Gh3) it doesn't make much difference than uploading files @35mbps or @100mbps. H264 codec.

    Sometimes I even got superblocking going there even uploading such huge files. I exported from After Effects and Premiere and even Vegas, and results are gorgeus on my computer and so on but I can still can't get to have the 360p resolution that I have seen around youtube for some famous music videos. For example Gangnamstyle at 360p looks rather nice.

    My videos with issues:

    Check out that super blocking at second 16. Notice how the title graphic looks great. May it be some wrong I-frame P B Frame setting? this one uploaded at 70mbps.

    Check out throughout this whole clip how from 360p to 480p the change is massive

    This videos on a 24inch screen are absolute sharp and added filmish grain too.

    How can I manage to have youtube render my video the best possible at the 360p option? I guess changing some format settings to match youtube's or something may do the trick?

    Vevo stuff:

    Notice how at 360p the quality is rather ok. Do Vevo people get more bitrate or something? Upload uncompressed?

    I find this rather important, it means the first sight viewers have of the piece. Even more important for me when I know 90% of the public enjoys it at 360p :(

    Thanks for reading

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  • @UEstudios about the 360p don't have really experience, I guess that nailing different viewing qualities is a bit more demanding than just, say 720p. I use vimeo and always feed them the highest possible x264 720p mp4 copy (handbrake - free, also quicktime and AME compatible). But in my particular case most of the times I want to keep the soul of the grain. If of any help, some thoughts and presets :=)

    Also wanted to say I dig big time both tracks, that Black Murder dog knows to spit alright and second video has this very cool groove and laid back feel. Cheers

  • Haha thanks for the reply.

    I wish I could just use Vimeo, and in fact Im on my way to get a premium/pro/whatever they call it account. But still, Vimeo is not what the general public uses. I really need to nail that 360p option because youtube if what people knows how to use and share around social networking sites etc. During this last years music videos are pretty much dependant on youtube for my experience. My business comes from all the merchadinsing we do for this guys, so that damn 360p option is pretty much one of the keys to success in my case. Sort of Vevo thing we are trying to do but locally and just for Rap and hiphop.

    Thanks for the comment, makes me happy you enjoyed it. And definetly Blackmurder is one hell of a rapper, damn he knows how to spit. If you want see more of him i recommend you go check this. It's even better:

    Also notice that bad super nasty blocking... specially in the midtros where there are lots of elements in movement. it gets specially bad here: [uploaded 100mbps, h264, render from AE]

    That doesn't happen in Vevo videos...

    absolute kill. Damn kid, he is just 17 and we are like crazy looking for some sponsorship or something...

  • YouTube Partners like Vevo and GoPro have access to have their videos encoded at a Pro level ( 2 pass and other improvements) as well as upload ports that permit high bitrate videos to be uploaded from Dropbox etc, so yes they have a quality advantage.

  • YouTube Partners like Vevo and GoPro have access to have their videos encoded at a Pro level ( 2 pass and other improvements) as well as upload ports that permit high bitrate videos to be uploaded from Dropbox etc, so yes they have a quality advantage.

    I just want to ask stupid question. Why no paid accounts with access to this features?

  • I guess there are different levels VK, apparently the Dropbox multiple upload feature of the Partner accts are quite expensive. There is info on youtubes partner support site about some of this stuff, also a large Partner mentioned briefly some of the additional encoding features.

    I think you can apply for Dropbox uploads, but youtubes info suggests it requires quite some programming and time to do, hence expensive.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I would definetly pay for it. Pretty much anything they asked for, because my business pretty much depends on perfectly performing videos at 360p most of the time. I just wish youtube had vimeo's business perspective. Small videos for free, you wanna go pro, pay for it. fine, pro's get paid for their work. It would probably help to reduce the sheer amount of crap in youtube... something vimeo's does well. It sucks to be forced to use youtube, because if I don't use it then the videos simply don't move around. It's all the comment/sharing system of youtube that its good... the best at distributing stuff like music in general. Maybe they could even make a separation between paid accounts and non paid accounts to help out artists and companies that distribute online look different from phone videos under same tags and stuff like that.

  • Blocking is because of low bitrate. So, the answer is optimize (take/edit/post) for low bitrate. Don't use fades/dissolves and other stuff with lots of quick changing details in frame. Use slow pans with low details/ blurred back. No grain, don't oversharp. Try slower shutter speed 1/40-1/60. Test your clips at final youtube bitrates - 1 pass encoding at 500-700 kb/s for 360p.

    PS - your second clip is fine at 360p

  • show me vevo with high shutter speed and dissolves. vevo has blocking too with lots of details (1m30s) :

  • It is surprising really just how watchable 360p can be if you're not being super critical.

    I don't bother using TPB these days for movies / tv shows, instead just streaming it from one of the many sites which offer such things. Sure, isn't as good as getting a BluRay rip from TPB, but for a bit of light entertainment it is all good :)

  • @Alex_K yep.. I should simply try to avoid those fades with moving elements and stop oversharping the stuff. its just that on a 24inch screen full at fullbitrate that sharpness looks great, its not oversharp but the detail and the grain feel nice. I guess I will have to render everything twice, the real one, and the one for youtube... About the shutter speed I think I will always try to keep it high for music videos where the aesthetic concept of flow (a lot of that in rap) simply works better at high shutter speed. I shoot all the money projects (interviews and so on) at 1/40 normally 1/50 of course. The first video is 1/100 (max the lighting would allow me, damn flicker) and the second is 1/1000 and above for daylight sequences. For indoors 1/100.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev If they had paid acces to that, I would be their very first customer...