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GH2 Timelapse workflow with After Effects
  • I am currently working on finishing a job in which I used a GH2 for time-lapse as well as film. I am a arch-visualizer and not a filmmaker but I am asked to make films from time to time so much of this is new to me. Now I searched for a workflow topic and this topic combines after effects as well Time-lapse so If there is an existing topic please refer me. I am not working with raw photos as I was taking one picture every second and the extreme pro card and buffer could not keep up. Either way I am in after effects grading and animating my 16mp still sequences. I want to now bring them to premier to do my finishing(that was a work flow that I saw and it seems to work for me). The problem is what is the best way to do that. For the trailer I rendered out a png sequence and it worked but the problem was that it played back poorly on my system and wasn't worth the render-time. I am PC so I cannot render out to prores as I do not have it. Is there another format to render to that will be faster, or is dynamic link the best option. Dynamic link doesn't seem too good as my AE comps usually have a few movements/color corrections and tax my system.

    Here is the trailer if anyone is interested: