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G6 or GX7 or...?
  • Im planning buy another camera to midyear . But with a budget limit of U$700, with the marketing war I'm not crazy bringing a lot of money for in less than a year and have obsolete equipment.

    Currently I have the GH2 with Sanity and a NEX-5N which use 95% for photo still.

    The GH2 has a great performance in video, but the latest Lumix issues have improved considerably as the High ISO, less noise. I also interested in 60fps for slow motion; in the GH2 only available in 720p, the NEX let record 60fps in 1080 but the video from Sony isnt as good as Panasonic.

    My major candidates are the G6 is a kind of GH2 improved and the glorious focus peaking is a success whether in stills or video. The GX7 having even higher quality (in the level of GH3), I love the design, still photo quality in the level of OMD and NEX . I could not use a monitor for its HDMI output while recording with G6 and GX7, but can via WIFI. Can the GH3 price drops something from here to there, but after having a NEX consider any camera must have focus peaking mandatorily.

    Which of them advised me that they see pros and cons in each, or better invest in some good optics for GH2 as 45mm f1.8 as the Zuiko 25mm f1.4 or PanaLeica?


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  • @manu4vendetta

    Hello. Ill try to help.

    If you have budget of 700 bucks that is not enough right now for any dramatic change over GH2. The only real advantage at the range of 900 is the BMPCC. but have to invest in proper booster for it. So it wont be so cheap.

    GX7 has a grate sensor, and the IBIS is very good, even though it will be hard hitted by GH4K in very few days. The price wont be near GX7, but im shure it will be the same sensor. If GX7 gets hacked you may en having 4k, maybe LSI can manage that flow, but forget the codec offered by GH4k would be superior.

    About G6, forget it, it does not have HDMI and live view vua tablet is not good enough and is very laggy. BUT the sensor is GH2 one, but improved, and that sensor has quiet a unique look that everybody knows. There is no hack for it so you would not be able to push material to hard on post. Macrobloking and shit will be there always.

    If you already have GH2 i would recommend investing in optics. I really like the new sigma zoom, that is a good investment in m4/3 systems.

    good luck!

  • @manu4vendetta

    First and foremost I would not factor hacks into the decision. We have no way of knowing which, if either, of the cameras will be hacked or if it will be any time soon. Stick with what the cameras do NOW and what you need NOW.

    Since you will not be using the HDMI out to monitor the footage, it negates one of the major advantages of the GX7. After that it really becomes a matter of built in features versus price.

    For me it came down to an audio input. The G6 can accept an external microphone. The GX7 can't.

    Price wise, you can get the G6 and a kit lens for at least $100 less than the GX7. And if you shop around you can probably get it for about 200 less.

    Whatever you decide, know that this camera will be a stop gap between the tech of today and whatever higher definition standard wins out in the next couple years. Buy the best tech you can for the cheapest price you can. Spend the rest on equipment that will stand the test of time.

  • @Mckinise, thanks.

    Now I think i dont buy. The GH3 dont have focus peaking, the G6 dont record with HDMI and the GX7 dont accept mic. This is surreal.

    The new sensor GX7 which is the same of GM1 and possibly GH4K looks very good, I do a lot of photo still, I'm going with the NEX-5N in the pocket of my jacket and glasses in a bag, I like the GX7 have similar size with EVF and similar performance, in addition to great video quality. I think then buy The PL 24mm f1.4 or Zuiko 45mm f1.8 and save for the future when the GX7 have lower price.

  • If you need another camera (such as for multicam set ups) then go for the Panasonic G6.

    Otherwise, hold off and save your money while you wait to see what happens (such as the GH4K), or for the G6 and others to drop even further in price.

    Or, spend your money on something which will last and not depreciate in the same manner, such as lenses.

  • @endotoxic About not being able to push the G6, I have to say after shooting several jobs with it that I am very happy with the way it handles shadow detail compared to also the hacked GH2. If it's the codec implementation or tweaks on the way the sensor is used I won't be the one to say, but you can definitely push G6 material farther than GH2, especially in shadows. Of course, a ultra high bit rate patch on GH2 will give great results, but if the shoot calls for f.ex. a lot of dynamic movement it is a big chance to shoot on those patches. I feel I have much more freedom when lighting if I shoot on G6, I can comfortably leave the shadows deeper and more to my vision than when shooting on the GH2 and still have room and detail to push it around in post. Also banding is much, much better handled on the G6 than GH2 - very big difference. The G6 is a crazy bargain imho.

  • @eyenorth.

    I dont own a G6 so i cant compare images. If you say so i belive you, but from what the actual codec breakdown and macroblocks go, GH2 manage more data from late moon t7 patch. Even more than GH3.

    But again i cant compare since i dont own G6, since for me is inferior model, with better tech.