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GH2 settings for low light shooting
  • I´ve tried out some really good patches so far (GH2) - reliable + stable. But if I shoot in lowlight the bitrate goes down dramatically many times. Is there a chance to get a patch that hold a higher bitrate in relatively dark lowlight situations? For me personally a patch between 45-50mb, long GOP, AQ4 would be optimal (24p + 60p)...
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  • Use Cbrandin's 44mbps, 12 gop, AQ 4 patch. I shoot in lowlight all the time and it never goes below 39mbps.
  • Use my new 6 gop if you like 220M - it never goes below 90mbps in darkness and resolves superb blacks , highlights to shadows.
  • Driftwood's patch is absolutely killer, BUT, I need to shoot an event in low light (tonight) and can't afford to kill a card in 7 minutes! Love your work brother. I would like to use a 40-80M patch, but will likely go with smackmy patch since it has the iso limit removed. Would love to use Cbrandin's 44M patch, but it wont let me use high ISOs.,
  • May be Terraquake.
  • Flacnvinyl.. just tick the check box for ISO limit removal after loading the settings.....
  • sharpixels, i just try-id your ini file. (yes finaly i have a gh2 sins yesterday..
    sadly, my card is to slow. ( 24p and handmode just for a few seconds will work.
    its a transcend sdhc 16gb class6

    but there is something else strange.
    when i shot in creative film handmode.
    and then put the file in sony vegas,
    Then sony see it as follows.
    Video: 00:00:03,337, 59,940 fps progressive, 1920x1080x12, AVC
    Audio: 00:00:03,353, 48.000 Hz; Stereo, Dolby AC-3

    1280 x 720 - 375K
  • Sharpixels patch has not been widely tested by p-v community, and some of the more experienced/knowlegable testers here have pointed out serious flaws with some of the other stuff he has posted here recently. Probably better to stick to more reliable, well-known and extensively tested patches like Cbrandin's or Driftwood's. As Athiril pointed out, Cbrandin's 44mbps patch can also do ISO 12800; just load the patch in PTools 3.63 and then tick the high ISO unlock box before you write the new firmware.
  • i will try the 44mb patch, and driftwoods SPANmyBITCHup..
  • I wonder whether for the 40-80Mb range if it's better to use a long or short GOP for low light shooting. Long GOP should make better use of the available bit rate, but a short GOP should give a cleaner rendition of the noise which will be easier to clean up. And perhaps the compression advantages of a long GOP deminish with noise in the image. I need to find the time to test this!
  • it works, no doubt about that.
    but 1080 24p, just 7 sec. then write error.
    if i shoot first in 720p, and then again 24p, it works for more seconds.
    i did try it for a moment, no deep test...
    i am new with this hacking, so, no experience here.
  • @Sharpixels

    All this patch is doing is to force the codec into fall-back mode. The Panasonic codec has a mode it goes into when it fails. Resolution is cut back to SD equivalent. All this patch is doing is failing after 20, or so, frames. You can see it where the frame size drops to 300K - which is much lower quality that the factory (un-hacked) settings. Also, the P frames aren't helping because they are the same size as the I frames - you might as well stick to GOP1.

    Perhaps some people will like the "look" provided by the camera when it fails (soft, low resolution). But don't kid yourself - this patch forces the camera to do what it does to avoid locking up, which is to force it into low-resolution mode. If the GH2 didn't have this safety-valve mode of operation, this patch would lock-up the camera almost instantly.

    There is a lot of good information in various threads here about how to build good patches. Please do a little more reading before posting patches, lest people become discouraged because of the low quality of these patches.

  • @cbrandin
    "people become discouraged because of the low quality of these patches"

    Well said,

    that's what sharppixels trying to do, I'm sure. He's trolling. He popped up a couple of days ago.
    His arrogance, to first time post with the world's best patch
    is antagonizing.

    Which I'm sure is what he's trying to do.

    He's creating noise and confusing newer people who are trying to get real info and help.
    Works for canon or sony maybe?
  • @cbrandin - "All this patch is doing is to force the codec into fall-back mode."

    Thanks for coining a descriptive term for this AVCHD encoder syndrome - Fall-Back Mode. With GH2 patch tweaking, I've seen these dysfunctional patterns occur far more often than outright recording failures. I saw Fall-Back Mode happen less often on the GH1 - it would simply break under stress. The drawback, however, is that Fall-Back Mode is usually difficult to spot in test footage without the use of tools such as Stream Parser. Reliability testing on the GH2 has required far more time than it did on the GH1.
  • Please just ban him
  • I just wanted to touch base again. In the meantime I wasn´t lazy. Although I havn´t really a clue of doing a patch I messed around with some settings of driftwood´s Aquamotion + Quantum patches. It seems that I´ve got one now that is reliable + stable in every mode (24p, 720p60 and 1080p 80%) with a Sandisk Extreme 30MB. Of course with a lower bitrate but the results are looking very good to my eyes. And in low light it shows a pretty good noise behavior and the high bitrate holds even in lowlight at a high level. Please can someone of the experts take a look at it. Maybe something is wrong or could be improved... thanks.

    Edit: The first patch was wrong. The second is the right one...
  • @nic2011

    I think there is something wrong with the file you posted - I can't open it.
  • Weird - on my pc it works. But here is the content

    Comment=nic2011. Modified Version of Driftwood´s Quantum and Aquamotion patch.
    SD_Card=Good class10
    Camera=GH2 v1.0E
    Version increment=1
    30min limit removal=Checked
    Maximum ISO limit removal=Checked
    PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked
    Video Bitrate 24H=100000000
    Video Bitrate 24L=80000000
    Video Bitrate FSH/SH=68000000
    Video Bitrate FH/H=44000000
    Auto Quantizer for 1080 modes=4 - All to details
    Auto Quantizer for 720 modes=4 - All to details
    720p50 GOP Size=24
    720p60 GOP Size=30
    1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=1
    1080i60 GOP Size=3
    Encoder setting 1 720p=2
    Encoder setting 2 720p=1
    Encoder setting 3 720p=2
    Encoder setting 4 720p=4
    Encoder setting 1 1080i/p=2
    Encoder setting 4 1080i=16
    Video buffer=0x3000000
    Video buffer 24p=0x3600000
    1080p24 FB2=1184023
    1080p24 Frame Limit=4108888
    60fps Frame Limit=1088808
    50fps Frame Limit=1308088
  • @nic2011 record time for a SanDisk 16GB, 30mb/s?
  • I just did a test vid indoors with the stock 1.1 firmware and and I got a bit rate of 8. A new record low bitrate for me.
  • @nic2011 I'm interested in record time for a SanDisk 16GB, 30mb/s too

    I'm using the GH2 for underwater shots so a low light patch is paramount.
    Once the camera is placed inside the uw housing there's no way to change the SD card so a decent recording time si needed (or a bigger card, of course :) )

    Thank you in advance
  • @LongJohnSilver I believe get almost 30 minutes 29 something...on the same card with the regular Aquamotion v2...if I remember right.
  • @No_SuRReNDeR I'm getting about 27 minutes with SPANmyBITCHup on a 16GB, 30mb/s

    For SPANmyBITCHup on Ptool on video bitrate 24H I see:

    22M and 76M

    Aquamotion has a higher bitrate:

    22M and 100M

    So I should expect a shorter recording lenght.

    Unfortunately the Patch Vault Summary chart was never updated

    Edit: I'm seeing that TerrAQuake while being worse than the other patches has 22M 176M so there are other settings to keep in account...
  • "TerrAQuake while being worse than the other patches has 22M 176M" ehmm... its not worse, its higher bitrate. I thought it was clear that highest possible quality + GOP 1 results in large files...