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GH2 - 'client experience' promo. Minus green gel key to good colors
  • My GH2's continue to get used in the most demanding of environments. I shot this corporate piece using GH2's in minus 20 weather in Edmonton, Canada back in November. Not a single card error or power issue, using Flowmotion 2.02. Cameras were rock solid. The weather made the grease in the takumar lens barrels pretty sluggish but everything held up great for the exterior shots. I continue to use a full minus green gel fixed against the sensor and manually WB for superb balanced colors with zero green cast for all interior and exterior conditions. I used a Kessler pocket dolly for slides and an hd400 glidecam for upping the production value. Lift shots we're from a 60ft Genie we hired out. Interviews were shot with 50mm and 35mm (with speedbooster). Interior interview lighting was with a 1k to a 5x3 bounce and a couple of Lowell pro kickers for hair and background lighting. Edited and coloured in the much improved FCPX 10.1

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  • Very well done! Not sure there's anything I'd improve on - Some stunning images in there!

    What additional lenses were you using (glidecam)?

  • Looks fantastic.

  • @pchristoph This is REALLY well done. Great imaging and great combination of variety of shot compositions. Nice editing as well. The audio on those speaking didn't quite sound right. I'm not an audio expert, but maybe the mic was too close the people speaking. Perhaps that can be smoothed out a but in editing. Overall great job. The smoothness and cleanness of those images was damn impressive.

  • @pchristoph What do you mean by "gel fixed against the sensor"? I don't get that. You cut a small piece of gel and put it on the sensor behind the lens? What?!!?

  • Like a boss :-)

    Excellent production value. Stunning quality!

    What lenses besides your trusty Tak?

  • Yep, your stuff with that filter on always looks great.

  • @oscillian super takumar glass 35mm, 50mm, 135mm, and the SLR Magic 12mm of coarse :-)