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My GH2 was burned in 0.001 second and repaired for 1.5 hour and 100 bucks.
  • The day before yesterday I've bought Energizer 18000 lithium battery and connected it to my beloved gh2 camera. I felt awful seeing the light didn't come up and after checking with battery it was obvious - the camera is dead. I was lucky enough to have main Panasonic service in 1km from my office. I told them that connecting the wrong polarity power source caused mulfunction and asked for urgent repair. 100 bucks and hour an a half makes my camera ready for shooting again. Actually I could ask them to make it on warranty, but I needed it immediately. Always!!!! Always check the polarity and voltage with tester before connecting anything to camera!!!! The second option is to use diode - I even think about inserting it inside the power coupler... So in case of wrong polarity - nothing will happen )
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  • I'm looking at external power options. Two questions
    1) Whats the exact procedure for testing polarity?
    2) I have a great IDX V mount system. Very expensive. The battery plate can adapt to my cage and I have a 12v power tap. So, anyone have a link to a turnkey regulator/junction box? The links I saw so far either come with plate or aren't plug and play.

  • Thats right dont get the polarity the wrong way wround. Luckly I found a AC/DC power supply for my GH2 for £15 and its got automatic polarity protection or you can send the polarity in a different direction if you really want to. You can get a Power pack to work with the GH2 but for god sake check the polarity and voltage first. Its worth it in the end I can run my hacked GH2 for 8 hours or even longer. I been using the same battery pack for ages and haven't recharged it yet.
  • And why don't you post a link directing us to such an useful item? Please!
  • I can't believe people are still making this mistake, I must of seen dozens of these threads. Check the voltage and polarity of your battery before you put it near your GH2, no matter what the battery says it is rated at.
  • The problem is not in mistaking the battery output. Often people have to solder the cable connecting the battery and the coupler. There all the trouble starts. I have used cable from another adapter just to have proper connector. I've cut it out and soldered to the battery output cable but one of the cables was marked in reverse. So I have ordered second coupler and gave it to my neighbour to put the protection inside. As it will be ready I'll post the schematics here.
  • I have no knowledge of electrical wiring. I hope someone can answer this question about attaching the DC power plug wire to the Tamiya Plug.

    Can this be attached without soldering or is soldering a must for a strong connection?