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In need of a decent "C" cam for the GH2 & G6 combo (on a budget)
  • Hey guys, apologies if this isn't in the correct section.

    Did a search, only a few things came up... but these are posts from 2011. New cameras pop up all the time etc.

    I'm in need of a decent camera that will act as my "C" camera (a backup body, also as my wide-perspective for weddings and other events). Price should be about $400US. What would you suggest?

    The cameras I've been looking at are:

    • Lumix GF2
    • Lumix GF3
    • Lumix GX1
    • GoPro Hero 3+ (out of my price range, but it's on the list because I originally considered it)
    • Used GH2 (I can't seem to find any on eBay AU, and other websites have them still sitting on a price of $600+)

    Some help here would be great.. as I have looked and looked, but I have no idea what to expect. I just want a camera that slots in with these two cameras but also not break the bank. If it comes with a lens, that is helpful.

    Cheers; Daniel

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  • I don't want to sound like I'm rubbing it in but I'm glad I managed to purchase two additional GH2 bodies from B&H for $499.00 each (end of model stock runout pricing about 12 months ago).

    I'm also in Oz so if I hear of anything I'll send you a PM.

    Good luck with your search!

  • Thanks Pundit! I came across a GH2 on eBay a few weeks ago, right after I purchased the G6. Kinda wishing I'd leaped on the GH2 instead... but oh well.

  • @Daniel_R It seems like GH2s are selling on this site for around $400, so maybe you could search thru this site and PM the posters who still have them available to see what the shipping to AU is. I don't know too much about how ebay works, but maybe the same could be done with some of those ebay sellers by contacting them directly and offering them $400 plus shipping to AU. Good luck.

  • I'll keep an eye out.

    If I may ask... what is the likelyhood of a hacked GF3 of matching the GH2 in terms of quality so that I can use it as my static-wide camera?

  • Not sure but if you search on this site for GF3 you'll probably find a whole topic on that cam and someone has probably discussed matching to GH2. (If you're new to this site you can find search icon in upper right part of the screen). Best of luck on your project.

  • Yeah, I had a look. It's not looking good for the GF3. I'm now thinking about a GX1.

    Any help for suggestions here would be great!

  • The problem is that GF cams, G series prior to G6 and GX1 they all look more like upscaled 720. Which is not good for wide shots.

  • GH2s are $400 all day long all over the place, as Matt said. I even have one last one I'm getting ready to unload.

  • Not sure if you're interested, but I have a GH2 for sale for $380 if you're interested.

  • Is a GH1 out-of-the-question? They can't cost much these days.

    I use my original GH1 as my C camera to my 2 GH2's for that static extra shot. I usually put a fast nikkor prime on it and focus it on something static. Giving the sensor some extra light works well for it to match the GH2's. I am thinking of replacing it someday with a G6 myself.

  • just bought a G6 (PAL) from UK over evilbay for US$400.. (there are couple UK sellers selling G6 body for $400ish since they break it from the G6 +14140 kit

    GH1 is a much better choice than pre G6/GF6 cam since it comes with full manual movie mode, they tend to sell for $200ish

  • I should also add I use a 24P hack, the Blackout hack or something named like that. Not having to reverse telecine the GH1 footage is key to saving time.

  • I used to have a GH1, but I sold it due to issues with it matching my GH2.

    @Brandonmrsh I may be interested.

  • @Daniel_R - Shoot me a PM or someting if you want to buy. GH2 w/ Sanity + 2 Batteries + Coupler