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GH1 body for Chris
  • Guys, who have extra GH1.
    I am searching for someone who could provide GH1 body for Chris (he'll return it if it won't be bricked :-) ).
    He is mostly focused on film modes research and having body at hand and making risky patches could speed it up very considerable.
    Results will be very useful for GH2 and other camera users, because film modes implementation is very similar among them.

    PM me or Chris.
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  • Does the sensor need to work? A friend of mine has one that starts up fine, the menu is fine, and he can hack it fine as well, but there is no image. It is believed that it's a sensor issue. I'd have to call him to see if he still has it, but if he does I'm sure Chris can just have it if he wants it.
  • @Brian202020

    I believe it must work ok, because, as I said, film modes are involved.
  • That's what I figured, but I wanted to ask anyway.
  • Problem solved! Many, many thanks to @nicolas!

  • @cbrandin

    I'll unpin and close it, ok?
  • OK - thanks.

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