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A Fauxnamorphic Rite - A (faux) anamorphic short film with a hacked GH2
  • Raising up the flares at Tel Aviv's Sheinkin St.
    An experiment with "anamorphic" flares using a blue fishing line at the back of the lens.

    Music: The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.
    Shot and edited by Izhar Ashdot.
    Panasonic GH2, FD 28mm/2.0, FD 35mm/2.0, Helios 44-2 58mm/2.0.
    Edited with FCPX, graded with FilmConvert.

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  • @izash Looks great. Well done.

  • Nice. So where actually and how you attach the fishing line to the lens? Could you post pic?

  • yes, how did you do that? I used to fake flares with a fish line on a filter, not on the back of the lens!

  • Thanks @jazzroy @tonalt @matt_gh2 I experimented with attaching the line to the filter thread but I got the best results by attaching it to the inside of the lens adaptor with some gaffer's tape. Photo attached. It works best with my FD 35mm/2.0 and the Kiron FD 28mm/2.0. No flares with the Canon FD 50mm/1.4. I painted the fishing line with a cyan felt marker.

    fishing line lens.JPG
    1256 x 1280 - 612K
  • good idea, I'll try it, thanks!

  • jajaja @izash that's an excellent idea, I'm sure I'll be trying this, so thank U
    and BTW nice little film, loved the theme, very clever use of Jaws "mood music" - though Stravinsky ate John Williams for breakfast - with the fishing line idea and all ;-)

  • Thank you @maxr.
    I'm on an fascinating musical journey, getting to know the masters of 20th century modern music.