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Short UFO Documentary shot on GH2
  • Hi Guys, i decided to post my little spontaneous action-UFO-Documentary, which came into existence after I experienced the sighting myself. it covers our journey from seeing the objects to trying to uncover the truth!
    Its german- for all of you who don't speak my language, be sure to turn on Subtitles! (CC at the Bottom, click play, then arrow up, then cc.)

    493 x 68 - 28K
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  • nice work. enjoyed it.
  • Fab! Kept me intrigued. I liked the mix of image styles. Great story!
  • Thanks guys, very nice of you :)
  • The captions are working for me in the embed. You have to start the video first...and then turn them on once its playing.
  • ahh, right, corrected original post, thanks :)