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Aputure V-Screen VS-3
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    • IPS panel (only 1024x600)
    • Anti-reflection multi coating
    • PEAK focus assist
    • Highlight focus assist
    • Zebra marking: 70IRE or 100 IRE
    • Histogram for precise exposure control
    • False color
    • Volume levels
    • Pre-calibrated color
    • HDMI loop-through
    • Supports firmware updates via USB

    800 x 458 - 71K
    800 x 498 - 87K
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  • I just picked up one of these and it has a beautiful display with lots of features. However, important things to notice. This display does not initially work with GH2/GH3 HDMI output (it is designed to work with Canon and Nikon). Apparently Panasonic requires a different HDMI voltage. Side note, the VS-1 should support GH2/3 output, however, VS-1 does not a lot of the advanced features found in VS-3.

    To solve this I was told to replace resistor R174 with type "472" SMD resistor. The R174 is a type "333" SMD resistor (33kOhms) and "472" is (4.7kOhms). Literally, their customer support told me that if I had good soldering skills, I should replace this resistor. Or I could send the unit back to them and they would make the change. (yeah, they even sent me schematic diagrams!)

    I do not have good soldering skills. Nor did I want to permanently change the components on the circuit so that Canon/Nikon cameras might not ever be used again.

    The solution - pencil mod trick. Unscrew and open up the unit. Separate the circuit board from the display. Take an HB lead pencil and run it across both terminals of R174 (basically connecting them by drawing a line). The graphite will lower the resistance. Check resistance of R174 and its voltage every time you do it. You should aim to get a resistance close to 4.7kOhms, and the voltage around 2.8mV. I got to around 3.2mV.

    If you overdo it, just use your finger or an eraser to remove some of the graphite.

    Once you've gotten it around the expected range, do a quick test with your GH2/3 connected. If all goes well, the HDMI display should lit up!


    If you want to return it back to its original state so that Canon/Nikon output can be used, just use an eraser and remove the graphite.

    To be honest, I'm not sure what will happen if you used a Canon/Nikon WITH the pencil mod in place. Perhaps it might work? Perhaps not?

  • Who knows. Right now it is not very popular due to panel resolution and feature set.