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Battery solution for Panasonic G6!
  • I bough Panasonic G6 a week ago. As I am person who makes documentaries from remote areas on our planet (Papua, amazonia...) I sometimes do not have access to electricity for one or two weeks. The battery life in G6 is only 1 hour and for me it means to have about 15 batteries in my bag... So there is a battery solution for Panasonic GH2 that can make about 14 hours juice for a camera:

    As the batteries are the same I made it but when turning on my G6 switches off after 3 seconds and displays "this battery is not supported" I know that there is a chip in battery and in camera but is there any way how to cope with it?

    Thank you a lot!!!

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  • I suggest to check topics about powering GH2 and GH3 to get some idea.