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GH1 - bitrates out of control ...
  • GH1 - bitrates out of control ...

    Hello everybody, I got a very strange problem with a hacked GH1. After several experiments with all kind of settings now it seems that I cannot stop the camera creating bitrates over 100 Mbit/s anymore, doesn't matter how I change the settings with PTool and what firmware I use. Sounds really stange, but even when I return to the official firmware of Panasonic, the framerates are boosted beyong 100 Mbit/s in hightly detailed scenes, so even the fastest SD cards sometimes could not write fast enough. Other things, like 30min restriction, went back to normal after reinstalling the official firmware.

    I'm already using PNY class 10 32GB with 100 MB/s and Transcend class 10. MY body has Serial-Number WE9KC001772.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Yes. I think you are not really updating firmware or forgetting some patches. Plus you can try reset.

  • Oh wow, I did not expect a response by the chief himself so fast - thanks! And by the way: thanks for your work in general. I did already use PTool for G2 Hack long tiome ago, that helped me a lot to use this camera in a resonable way (full manual movie controls, 30min removal, better qualitiy). Now I did donate, what I actually wanted to do long time ago already ...

    To the topic: I'm quite sure that I was updating (as I'm familiar with ptool). I did experiment a lot with settings all the time. New firmware was always installed by the camera, version number was always 0.0 (as expected with "prevent version compare"), and so it showed up version number 1.3 when I installed the official firmware again. Beside that the 30min restriction was activated again. Before that the restiction was removed, as I did always remove it with my tests. That should be enough to proove that the expected firmware is installed propperly, no?

    Now the crazy thing is that it doesn't matter any more what bitrate settings I change with ptool, nor if I run the official firmware, my camera does not stop to boost bitrates up to sometimes more than 100.000 kbit/s.

    Is it possible that I changed some settings stored with ROM in camera? I did play around with "patches for testers" as well, I did use the three "AVCHD Research" patches and the "video buffer" among the "AVCHD Research" once.

    Any ideas? I really need to restrict the bitrate to a resonable amount to make the camera reliable again ...

    Thanks and all best, Michael