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FS UE: Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 17,5mm f/0.95: 790€+shipping
  • To start: the entire set, is the photo that speaks for itself. Gorgeous Olympus O-md E-m5 on the left, and the ideal lens that everyone wants, on the right, the legendary voigtlander 17.5 mm F0.95 .

    Below with photos and details.

    The camera body , also shown in operation, is in exceptional condition , as a showcase . Having only two months old , has been used very little. The aesthetic is free of defects while the operation is just perfect in every way . Warranty Polyphoto here. As you can see it is full of accessories and the box. The great peculiarity of omd is absolutely its internal stabilizer , outstanding, experienced first hand is absolutely comparable to a real steadycam . Works with all types of lenses , including this one:

    It has the same age as the body, then only two months. It's absolutely perfect, with care. I always use the lens hood and cap attached to the hood , to always avoid the normal plug to prevent accidental contact with the upper lens . No sign, n nothing , not even the dust has had time to lean. Needless to say, his reputation speaks for her: ' She is the real best m43 lens system , no matter what you might think. In fact ensures sharp results already at full aperture, perfect for shooting videos . Declicked aperture ring and smooth focus ring, without infinite movement which is inconvenient . I thought at first not to sell the lens, then the choice to get a completely different sensors made ​​me give up and I'll give her too.

    Detail of receipt as evidence of the age of the material

    PLUS : FREE variable nd filter Fotga 67mm , incoming ( ordered to joy, if it not arrives before the sale I will send upon payment of the single shipment )

    PLUS : FREE Sandisk 32GB 45MB / s! Gift for those who take the whole package. In fact, the spin-off is possible, but will wait a few days before.

    I propose instead a now offer price for the whole package : everything at 1400 €, shipping outside italy not included (you can tell me how to, and i'll do without problems). Every vision and possible evidence in Brindisi and surrounding area. For payments distance no problem for those who want greater security with Paypal, though the fee will be required at your expense.

    Also listed elsewhere, but respect and priority to the entire package, wait for people interested in everything, before selling separately.

    It's all perfect. Where serve other details, mp .

    Body turned on.jpg
    960 x 720 - 87K
    960 x 720 - 71K
    Bottom particular.jpg
    960 x 720 - 98K
    top camera.jpg
    960 x 720 - 127K
    lente completa.jpg
    960 x 720 - 124K
    Inside Lens.jpg
    960 x 720 - 58K
    960 x 720 - 42K
    Particolare scontrino.jpg
    960 x 720 - 63K
    960 x 720 - 38K
    set completo.jpg
    960 x 720 - 97K
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  • Omd SOLD.

    Voigtlander go for 800 euro.

  • Price drop to 790 euro+shipping.

    Who comes first, he takes!

  • Sold. Thanks.

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