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First video shot on my new GH3 ! Huge step up over my GH2
  • Hey everyone! I just wanted to showcase my first video shot on my new GH3.

    I have been a Lumix owner since the GH1 was first hacked and moved to the GH2 last year.

    Thank you so much to vitality and everyone else who has worked tirelessly to keep these cameras on the forefront of compact filmmaking.

    Let me know your thoughts on the video!

    Shot in 1920x1080p 60fps MOV format with 14-42mm kit lens, and canon FD 24mm f2.8 Prime. Standard profile -3-3-2-3 Graded with Magic Bullet Mojo.

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  • It's not the camera that's holding you back.

  • I'm not sure I follow jpturbo.

  • sounds like he is taking a dig at your skills? anyway. nice dolly shots. grading feels too cold for me though. I used to use mojo alot now i just do it manually.

  • I think he's also implying that you can tell any story you wish to tell! The camera is beautiful, so tell your story, you shall! The only limit is your own imagination!!!

  • Cool music, beautiful location, some nice shots and camera movement (diddo MRfanny: a little warmer would be nice), could be great B-Roll for the right piece... but that leads me to the constructive criticism: a film needs context, story, a reason to watch start to finish as a viewer. I believe this is really a 4 minute camera test, which you are completely entitled to, as naturally, you want to explore and enjoy your new camera, but by calling it a film you might be setting yourself up to let viewers down. Currently there is no discernible beginning, middle or end. And most importantly: I feel like it's missing something that people can relate and connect to. Four minutes is a really long time too. That said, I commend you for creating and sharing - that is two steps further than many people go! Don't get me wrong: I don't believe this was a wasted effort on your part, I think a lot of the techniques you are practicing and showcasing here could be used to great effect in story telling. A good film maker never stops learning, so I'll look forward to seeing your next creation!

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I agree with the grading colour it could have been a bit warmer but I wanted to stick with the blues to follow the theme of the water. As for being a film, yes maybe I should call it a video but I had tried to make it with a beginning middle and end, by starting at the top of one river and ending at the end of another.

    Please check out my other films and videos on my channel.

    Thanks everyone (totally a camera test more than anything)

    Anyway love the camera !

  • I just moved from GH2 Hacked to GH3. Can't say the Gh3 is a huge improvement though, colors seem more natural and dynamic range is better. Just my opinion and the bloody ELV is horrible and in sunny Colorado absolutely necessary. Ergonomic are much improved. Got mine for about $1000 so not too bad but a little disappointed though.

  • I agree that the evf is terrible, but the ergonomics, 1080 60p, headphone jack, and better noise in low light are a huge step up for me!

  • I think he's also implying that you can tell any story you wish to tell! The camera is beautiful, so tell your story, you shall! The only limit is your own imagination!!!


    Just be careful about thinking that a new piece of gear is going to create the great leap forward for you.

  • I wasn't implying that it was...

    I just noticed a huge difference in actually using the camera. I still use mu gh2 all the time but the 3 just does it all easier