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Is there Likely to be any more patches for the GH2?
  • So I have a GH2 and I was wondering if the GH2 could improve anymore after a few years of hacking the firmware.

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  • It depends. We need to go much more open and use third party help.

  • What do you mean by more open? Are you talking about more collaboration efforts between hackers? Im very interested in what kind of third party's you think might get involved.

  • hello vitaly ,work you with consoles hackers ?(xbox 360 etc..)

  • any other thoughts?

  • @Behler

    What thought you want? I just told that I think. I also need some time to understand how to implement it. DO not know for now.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev This effort, involving third party help, it would be for exploring potential raw recording and/or professional codec support or continued tuning of the AVCHD and related color performance?