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US: USPS - always ahead of time
  • The U.S. Postal Service has defaulted on a $5.6 billion payment for retiree health benefits that was due on Monday, just as the Postmaster General had warned it would.

    he said the Postal Service was "in the midst of a financial disaster" and that it is "burdened by an outdated and inflexible business model" that prevents it from making payments.

    Postal Service hit its debt limit last year, which means that it cannot borrow any more money from the U.S. Treasury.

    The Postal Service plans to cut 150,000 workers.

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  • yeah, the easy way to give the business to the sharks, like Fedex, UPS, etc.... so no more ways to avoid your customs & pay taxes for everything you buy from abroad... always & everywhere the same bullsh**s.

  • A pathetic excuse of a company. Around here at least, lazy, unmotivated workers. Hope they go completely under soon.

  • Anyone who wants the USPS to go under has no idea what effect that will have on your shipping charges. Be prepared to pay 25-50% on everything. There's a reason this is happening. Had nothing to do with them not being able to turn a profit. I would love to see what politicians have received funding from the other big shippers.

  • USPS can't go under. It's gov't run. They'll increase their price to cover their losses so essentially the price will go up anyways. But it's like watching a slow, artificially prolonged death.

  • completely agree with @vicharris, it's pretty obvious where they want to drive the situation...

  • They want to sell the business @jaecjaec, forget from now on, everything will be privat.

  • I don't think USPS can be privatized right away. They have the whole market. Zero competition. I think I'm just venting here. Just stood in line for an hour at our branch. The workers are so unmotivated....drove me just nuts.

  • FedEx or Ups or any similar shark would love to bite from that pie... Or even better make it completely theirs... Yes, this is something can't be done in a week or month, but be sure that they prepare the upcomings. As about the workers, you are absolutely right, in every country workers they have same f****ng attitude...

  • Agreed. The employees are not helping their cause at all. Everyone in a FedEx seems like they want to help and smile. The USPS, well, I feel like they want to punch me in my face instead! A personality must not be a prerequisite to get hired by the government, just a pulse......and even that's negotiable :)

  • Canada is not far behind

    Canada Post also intends to reduce its workforce by between 6,000 and 8,000 workers.. Canada Post will increase the price of stamps next year. Altogether, it projects that the changes will account for an annual gain of between CAD$700 million to CAD$900 million.

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