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  • I was pretty excited to find the hack for my GH2. I downloaded all the recommended software and successfully installed it all on my (Mac) computer and cam, so my next question is how do I work with it in FCP? If I Log and Transfer the footage it treats it the same as it did before the hack.
    I wasn't able to find if this question had been answered before so excuse the double post if possible.
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  • For the classical FCP, L&T is the way to go. Or use ClipWrap to wrap mts in mp4 container.
  • Thanks for the reply stonebat. With L&T it transcodes the footage to Prorez and the resulting clip is 114.43 Mbit/s this is the same as the clips I have from before the hack.
    Maybe I am missing something?
    Does the higher bit rate during recording just add to the quality of the picture and not to the resulting file size?
  • ProRes is not uncompressed codec. It compresses, too. :)

    Benefit of transcoding from mts to mp4 is 8bit 4:2:2 conversion. We have a topic for 5DtoRGB.
  • Gotcha thanks ;)