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Back on sale: custom Rewo cage with O'Connor universal baseplate
  • It is back on sale for a new price! My great GH2 custom cage/baseplate setup that is extremely robust, lightweight and flexible:

    • Custom Rewo Cage (customized with new screws and anti-twist plate to be used with O'Connor universal baseplate)

    • O'Connor universal baseplate. Very customizable. Future proof. Usually around 475 Euros!!!

    Custom cage and baseplate 375 Euro. Shipping not included

    I also sell my 10 Bar UNDERWATERHOUSING with barrel fitting the 14-42mm or a Nokton 25mm.

    650 Euro

    Location: Bremen, Germany.

    4608 x 3456 - 406K
    4608 x 3456 - 423K
    4608 x 3456 - 387K
    4608 x 3456 - 497K
    4580 x 2441 - 449K
    4608 x 3456 - 479K
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  • I forgot to point out, that I drilled a second hole in the bottom of the cage (for the baseplate screw). Thus, you can remove the caged camera easily from the baseplate. The old rod support from the REWO cage is included as well, but I am sure you won't need it, because the REWO/O'Connor combo is far better.

  • Price Reduction! Kit 1050 Euro

    GH2 alone 400 Euro REWO-O'Connor cage 450

    10 Bar UNDERWATER HOUSING for GH2 700 Euro.

  • Last Price drop on PV:

    Rewo/O'Connor cage combo 400 Euro.

    GH2 375 Euro alone. 475 Euro with 14-140mm kit lens.

    Underwater housing: 650 Euro.

  • Some more pictures....

    Foto Kopie 2.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 597K
    Foto Kopie 3.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 470K
    Foto Kopie.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 428K
    1632 x 1224 - 572K
  • @Tobsen If I had any cash I'd take the GH2 and lens - sold both myself and now need back for a job!

  • @belfryman that's bad. It is a great cam, but I moved on to the BMCC, so I need some cash for riggin etc.

    Also, just sold it.

  • @Tobsen Nice one. I moved to BMCC too but now have a long conference to shoot on 2 cams and a showcase of a musical, 3hrs, to film at the same time on 2 cams. Inevitable!

  • @belfryman. Ah bad luck! Before decided to sell it, I had another look at the detail the GH2 puts out - still amazing!

    Too bad we can't keep all our goodies even I we wish too. Cash rules everything around us...

  • Last chance - last price: 375 Euro excl. shipping. That bargain makes me sad....

  • Hi.

    Is the 10bar still for sale?


  • Hi @Jeroen no sorry, already sold.