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Scratch Play, free and powerful media player
  • Stumbled upon this piece of software and thought some of you, fellow foruners, may find it of use :-)

    So Assimilate has released this free player called Scratch Play for both PC and mac and I must say it is really a mighty and useful one.

    FORMATS natively supported

    and PLAYBACK

    AUDIO abilities

    COLOR, now here's where starts to shine


    and best for last EXPORT

    Cutting long tables short, or not, you can watch (and listen) footage of almost everything, with metadata and SCOPES, LUTs and whatnot. You can compare between 2 clips, same clip at different time, sizes, with different colour settings/grades applied, different color spaces, LUTs, source mode mapping (Lin to Log, viceversa and Lin/sRGB, Log/Filmm Rec 709, Wide Gamut, etc. you can even load yours), 8, 10 and 16 bitdeph, different frame rate/speed (from 0.1 to 199), with different frame size or aspect, offset, with guidelines (2:35, 1:85, etc.), crop marks, color full range and gamma, timecode and 3D baby jesus snorting coke LUT if that's your thing. Here's another cool feature: you can export your LUTs. You can visualize RGB channels plus luminance or alpha only. It supports dual monitoring, makes fullscreen either in single or compare clip mode, you can completely fade borders, guides, etc. Scopes can be transparent or solid, has dedicate snapshot button, a magnifier... for sorting buggers :P and pressing tab (on mac) hides panels.

    Now the "drawbacks" it is free with little stupid adds, you'll need a fairly decent powerhourse for all-in smooth performance, you may, just may like it.


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  • thanks for the post, great tool, Kevin

  • Looks cool.

    Does is work with live feed with all the color and stuff? I mean from HDMI input?

  • @KevinTraywick cheers


    Does is work with live feed with all the color and stuff? I mean from HDMI input?

    don't know for sure Vitaliy, doesn't seem like it though; so far haven't found any live input ... just some gremlins and SDI monitor for dual head cards

    there's a Google Scratch forum, which is just beginning