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Fire at Hynix plant
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    Plant is responsibe for about 15% of worldwide DRAM supply.

    Reports are controversal. Some state that price hike will happen in retail. Hynix, of course, is optimistic. :-)

    Hynix representatives told PCWorld that the fire raged a mere 90 minutes and didn’t materially damage the factory’s clean-room fabrication equipment. The smoke appeared worse than it was because as the fire mainly occurred in air-purification area, Hynix said.

    "Currently, there is no material damage to the fab equipment in the clean room, thus we expect to resume operations in a short time period so that overall production and supply volume would not be materially affected," company representative Seongae Park said in a statement.

    "In addition, we expect that the majority of damage will be covered through insurance."

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  • Follow-up

    Spot DRAM prices have soared over 30% in less than two weeks after a fire broke out at a wafer plant of SK Hynix in Wuxi, China on September 4, jeopardizing wafer production at the plant, according to industry sources.

    While SK Hynix has stated that the damage caused by the fire was not serious and the Wuxi plant will be able to resume full operations by the end of October, the ramping chip prices indicate that the situation